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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Spring Chick Challenge

I have never signed up for a challenge like this before and it took me a couple of days to decide whether I wanted to or not...But I figured what the hell...the only thing I have to lose is (hopefully) pounds and inches! Soooo here goes my introduction I guess (feel free to skip this if you know me, this is for any new followers I get or have gotten recently that don't "know" me yet!)

My name is Taryn, I'm a 25 year old, registered nurse at a long term care facility, from a small town in south eastern British Columbia. I'm fat...there's no other way to put that I guess. My weekly weigh in will be tomorrow (completely by accident that my weigh in happened to land on New Years Day). I'm fully expecting to see a gain tomorrow as I've eaten like CRAP and have not worked out this week...awful I know, but I blame work! We've had a rocky and emotional past couple weeks where we've had a 6...of our beloved residents pass away, a few who are actively passing away and just last night I sent one of our residents to hospital after a fall and she has broken her hip...and at 89 years old, they don't usually recover from that. I know that these are excuses and I need to make time to focus on myself, so that's what I think this challenge will help me do. I will be starting the new year out right.

I don't have twitter, nor do I link my personal facebook to my blog very often, so I'm going to leave that part out.

OK on to the required topics...

My NSV - To finish my C25K program
Exercise - To exercise at least 4 days per week. This will include a combo of C25K workouts, Zumba, walking and my new ifit chips for my treadmill.
Nutrition - To track my food intake in a food journal and bump up my H20 intake (and to not skip breakfast because I'm too busy!)

I will post my starting weight tomorrow and my goal weight will to be 250lbs which will be approximately 40lbs down in 3 months (ambitious I know but shoot for the sky I say!)

So that's me...I hope to get to know all of you and that we are all successful this next few months!!! Here we go!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas To All

Well everybody, I had an amazing Christmas. Last night I went to my in-laws and hung out with the family there. We had turkey dinner (I had a plate with all white meat, and honestly didn't eat that much) and had only had a few appys before that. I'm certain I was well below my calorie limit. It was so much fun watching the little one open her presents from grandma, grandpa, auntie, uncle and great-grandpa. We visited, laughed and had a great time and then headed home to get the house ready for Santa.

We put out milk and cookies and carrots for the reindeer then the kiddo headed to bed and actually went down with less trouble than usual. I had sooooo much fun playing Santa! We were up bright and early this morning and when we woke the kid up telling her that Santa had come she nearly shot through the wall she got out of bed so fast!

Now to tell you what I got! Chris is amazing and got me the Jillian Michaels 3 step program on ifit for the treadmill! Soooo excited to try it (not tonight...I've made about 50 trips up and down the stairs packing presents up). I also got a satellite radio for my car and the boombox for the house. We got a food processor, cash to help us buy a living room set, the Lion King on bluray, gift cards, a scarf, bakeware, etc, etc, etc...I got really spoiled! I deserve it though...I was REALLY good this year! HAHAHA.

Here are a few pictures (including some of our Christmas lights, sorry they are kinda dark, still learning how to use my new camera!)

Front Entrance

Our Whole Front Porch

Just After Setting Up The Tree

After Santa Came

After Opening Presents

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Weigh In #18

No loss this week but also no gain (which is a bloody miracle). I'm exactly the same weight as last week...290.6lbs. I hope everybody has a merry Christmas and that you celebrate responsibly.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Another Day Another Dollar

I've completely had it with work this week. Just one day I would like my shift to go smoothly. Last night everything was going swimmingly and  I was even trying to get some stuff done for the nurse that was going to have an admission this morning. As I was sitting there doing some of the paperwork, the LPN I work with walks up beside me and whispers in my ear that another of our residents had passed. That's the 3rd in less than 48 hours...and the worst part was that they were all out of the same cottage.

It's not the actual work that's exhausting at all. It's the mental part. Having to say goodbye to people that you have cared for, become to love and have essentially become part of your family is draining. You develop a relationship with each and every one of them and then to have to do your job and attempt to turn off those emotions is harder than you know. Yes, it's part of the job, and yes that's what I signed on for, but it doesn't make it easy. So anyways, that's been my week so far. I have 1 more shift tonight and then I'm off for 3 (I took an extra this week coming...what was I thinking!?)

There will be a short post tomorrow with a weigh in so look for that. I hope everybody that is setting out on their holiday travels is safe.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This feels good!

I just finished Week 2 Day 2 of C25K and I'm absolutely exhausted...and it feels great!!!! I am growing to like the feeling of tired muscles and sweat dripping. However, I don't feel as though I gave it 100% tonight. I don't think I have 100% to give at all today. I have had an absolutely hellish week so far at work...and I'm only half done.

Yesterday I was so busy I didn't even get a break and today was only slightly better. I started my day off at 4:45 when I woke up and then realized I still had a half hour to sleep...but I knew if I fell asleep for the half hour I'd feel like crap when my alarm went off. When I got to work I was surprised to learn that all the residents that are currently in the process of passing away were still with us but another had taken a turn for the worse (it's the time of year...nursing homes see an influx of deaths in December/January and July/August). I got going with my day...and half way through doing morning pills I got a call that the resident who took a turn for the worse had passed away and I had to go pronounce him, do the death certificate, call the doctor and the family, etc, etc, etc. By the time I got back to finishing my pills I was nearly an hour behind schedule...and I had an admission that came before I was finished. Finally at 12:30 I got to sit down and eat some soup.

Needless to say that by the time I got home I was done, but I still pushed myself to do my workout. And thank goodness I did. Now I'll sleep better, feel better, and most importantly, can do a different workout tomorrow!

I'm soooo looking forward to my work week being over. And of course for Santa to get here. Chris has been teasing me with what my present is for what seems like forever now...and I wanna know!! HAHAHA...I got him an awesome present though...its a.......

Oooops...sorry honey, I almost forgot you read my blog *wink*

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How Chris Hurt His Own Feelings...

Ok so funny story...Chris has gotten me in to a show called "The Walking Dead". It's basically a show about some people who are attempting to survive in a world that has gone to hell in a hand basket and is populated with zombies or "walkers"...Anyways, this small group of people has found another small group of people that are living on a farm and are relatively untouched by the wrath of the walkers...or so we think. One day a guy and a girl go from the farm into the little town to get some supplies from the local pharmacy. Now, we've been here before (in fact, said guy and girl did the horizontal hokey pokey in the same pharmacy a few episodes before this one)...Now I must digress really quickly to tell you that I have told Chris at least 30,000 times that he needs to tell me if something is going to pop out at me or a really loud noise might scare me because I really really don't like that...anyways, this happens....The video of the scene is right below...beware it's graphic and will scare the pants off you!

Anyways...At the exact same time (as if I wouldn't be scared enough) Chris's arm shot across the couch to scare me...Well I burst into tears (I told you, I really really hate that feeling!) but Chris thought I was laughing and he thought it was HILARIOUS...until he saw the tears and then he felt bad. He comforted me while I got my heart beat back under control...and he said something that was so funny...that seeing me cry hurt his feelings...But seeing as how he's the one who made me cry...he hurt his own feelings! And that, folks, is hard to do! He's a talented man...must be why I love him so much :)

Anyways, seeing as how this is a weight loss blog I guess I should do a quick update on that. I was not feeling the greatest yesterday so I pretty much just took it easy. I went down onto the treadmill and attempted a C25K but I got a mile in and was just over it. I had to stop. I have eaten fairly well. and today I was so stinkin busy at work (1 of my residents passed away last night so I had to deal with the funeral home, family, etc, etc, etc, 3 people fell, it was doctors day, I had a care conference for a new resident who is a lot dramatic, I still had to do my job that keeps me busy on a normal day, and 5 people are actively palliative at this point....I didn't sit down, I didn't eat lunch, I ran my butt I'm going to go to bed early tonight and I will do my C25K run tomorrow! 

Hope everybody is having a good week and is ready for Christmas! And if you haven't already watch The Walking Dead!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Maybe I CAN Do This!

Today was the day I had to face my fear and attempt week 2 of my C25K program. I was more than a little worried. I had trouble running for 1 minute and now they were bumping me up to having to run for a minute and a half...nice wish you devil of an app you...but I promised myself I would at least attempt it before resigning myself to repeating week one. Looking back on my blogs I re-read one where I had underestimated myself with a challenge I gave myself at the beginning of this journey and I was determined to not let this happen yet again. So downstairs I went, iPod in hand, strapped on my lovely New Balance runners (the best running shoes in my humble opinion), and hopped on the treadmill. I did my 5 minute warm up walk and as I watched the time tick down to the beginning of the first 1.5 minute run interval I got a little panicky. The little dude said "start running now" I cussed and started running. I completed week 2 day 1 and was actually kinda surprised at how...dare I say easily I progressed through the intervals. That's not saying I didn't find it challenging but I felt as though I pushed and pushed and just when I felt like I couldn't push anymore, it was the end of the interval and it was time to walk. Here's my week 2 sweaty picture! Pardon the gross hair and no makeup!

Still smiling!

I looked at some other C25K programs which are 9 weeks, and the one I'm doing is an 8 week program so I'm thinking it's going to push me to progress faster. Which is OK with me, because I'm completely open to repeating weeks if I need to. I'm not in a race. I'm in this to change my life and push myself beyond what I thought I could do. I'm in this to prove something to myself. I could care less what other people think of me. I am me and I'm pretty proud of the person I've turned out to be. I'm an intelligent, educated woman who takes care of a family and a household. I am figuring out how to drop these (many) extra pounds and live healthily and most importantly, I'm being me and doing it MY way. I am not about to limit myself to salad and grilled chicken breast for the next year because I'd probably want to slit my wrists. There's one thing that Katie has said time and time again in her blog, to not make any changes you aren't willing to live with for the rest of your life. Am I willing to commit to never ever eating another cupcake in my life? Nope! So why would I say that while I'm on this journey I'm never allowed to eat a cupcake. As long as it's not a daily thing and I don't go completely overboard and eat properly 99% of the time and continue to work out, there's no point in beating myself up for it.

Now to clarify my last post about my weigh in. I did write this in a comment on that post but I know everybody may not have read it. I was absolutely devastated because I had peeked at the scale earlier in the week and had seen 288.8 (which would have been a 3.1 lb loss), so I was expecting to at least see that as I had continued to work my butt off the rest of the week. So that's why I was upset. But I need to look at the bright side and recognize that 1.3 lbs is still awesome! Just imagine 1.3 lbs of butter that is no longer on my body! I have now lost over 25lbs and am on my way to my next goal marker! And no matter how long it takes, I will make it!

Thank you all for your love and support! You all definitely have my recommendation to be on Santa's nice list!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Weigh In #17

So I'm thoroughly disappointed. I only lost 1.3 lbs this week. I'm now at my lowest weight so far on this journey of 290.6 lbs. I'm not happy because I worked so hard. Gonna go wallow in self pity now.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Week 1 Done!

I have to say I am awesome. I have stuck to the C25K program for a week (yes all of you who have done it and know that the worst is yet to come can laugh now and shake your head). This is a really big deal to me as so far I start out the workout excited and then by half way through I'm cursing myself for starting it and wanting to quit. I find that if I don't really enjoy something I don't want to do it. So...sticking with something that I'm not completely in love with yet is a big deal. I feel like I've done so bad this first week that I'm terrified of next week, but I'm going to take Kristin's advice and at least attempt week 2 before I resign myself to having to start over because I suck (I mean how destructive is that thinking!?). And if I do find that week 2 is undoable for me, I'm not going to be ashamed to have to go back. At least I'm doing this and trying something new and burning calories in the process!

Today I have really worked my butt off so far. I went outside and shovelled our driveway (all in all took me about a half hour), then immediately went down to do the C25K, and I will soon be heading up to get ready for work. I have worked out more than I ever have so far (5 days this week!!!) and I have eaten just as I have been since starting this journey. Unfortunately because I work tonight I can't go to Zumba and I'm sad. So I should see some results....right? Tomorrow is weigh day and seeing as how I've done pretty much everything I can, I should see some results on the scale...right? Well here's hoping and I will post about that tomorrow. Have a great day everybody!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jesus, Mary And Joseph...

...and I ain't making a Christmas reference. I just finished day 2 of the C25K and I swear it's gonna kill me. I got a stitch in my side after the 3rd run interval and I just wanted to be done. But I pushed through and finished it...and here's a sweaty picture to prove it (nothing beats your head itching because there's sweat dripping through your hair)...

Don't adjust your computer screens, my face really was that red
I gotta say that I look damn good for just working out after getting up at 5am and working an 8 hour day!
Haha. Although, you can see the bags under my eyes. Anyways, back to the topic at hand...

I'm not sure how I feel about this program yet. I find it fun and challenging but I really think I'm going to have a love-hate relationship with it. I'm not sure that I'll be ready to progress to week 2 when I'm supposed to. I might have to do week 1 once (or twice) more. I thought I was getting more fit....I mean, give me an hour long Zumba class and I can breeze through it fairly easily but this is hard for me. I could walk on the treadmill for like 4 hours straight if i wanted to (but who would want to?!). But I find running for 1 minute difficult. I hope I look back on this post in 8 weeks and shake my head because by that point I'm able to run for a half hour straight but it just seems so far out of reach right now. However, that does not mean I'm going to give up. I am going to finish this program if it kills me...which it just might.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to do day 1 again just to get a workout in, then it's on to day 3 on Thursday followed by a Friday weigh's hoping that I see some big results on the scale or I might just lose my damn mind!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Take A Deep Breath And....ZUMBA!!!

Ok kids...As a fat girl, I obviously have some confidence issues. I totally don't like being in social situations where I don't know anybody. That being said...I had a huge NSV today. I went to Zumba even though I knew none of my friends were going. I was nervous but I still went. THEN to make a scary situation even more wasn't my regular Zumba instructor and I didn't know most of the routines....SHIT. But I hung around (I mean I'd paid for the class so I'd better stay!) and I actually had fun and got my sweat could I not when the first song was "sexy and I know it" by LMFAO.

I'm actually quite proud of myself for staying for the class. Even though I really just wanted to leave. I just really really didn't wanna have to do a C25K tonight haha. I'm soo tired. My sleep is really affected by the moon phases and we just had a full moon the other night so I haven't been sleeping much lately. Last night it took me until at least midnight to fall asleep, then I woke up when Chris came to bed, then I was pretty much up from them on...and WIDE awake before my alarm was set to go off at 5:15am. I hope to hell I sleep well tonight. I kinda wanna go to bed now but Harley doesn't seem ready to go to bed...he's busy playing.

A couple people were asking me how the C25K is and basically all I can say is "we'll see". I did Day 1 twice. I can make it through a Zumba class for an hour at a fairly high intensity level but ask me to run for 1 minute and by the end of it I'm definitely counting down the seconds until I can start walking again. Hopefully the gradual increase really helps me build up endurance. I know for a fact my endurance is a LOT better than it used to be. I could barely walk 500ft up a hill on day 1. But now I can take on youbitch hill (look back to my first posts if you don't know what that is!), come home and still have energy to do whatever I need to do. It's not a big deal anymore. I love getting sweaty. Yeah you feel all gross but its a good gross. I never used to be this girl...what the hell?! But I'm glad I'm this girl now. I like her. I think I'll keep her around for a bit

Check back tomorrow for a C25K update!!!

This is not my class...similar routine though :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Mmmm short skinny peppermint mocha. Let the holidays begin. This cup was less than 100 calories!!!

Also, after being out of highschool for nearly 8 years, seeing my grade 11&12 physics teacher scared the bejesus out of me. I automatically went to make an excuse as to why I was late!!!! I don't even live in the same town that I went to highschool in!!!

Today marked the official day 1 of my C25K training. Tomorrow is Zumba. Tuesday is day 2 of C25K.
Life is good!

So yummy!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's A Nice Day To RUN!!

Alright, I've been talking these past few weeks (and, really, since I started this blog) about starting to run. Well today was that day. I went downstairs to hop on the treadmill for a little bit and actually started doing just that, when I stopped and thought to myself "what the hell are you doing Taryn? You're home, you're already on the treadmill, the app is cheap, why not?". So I quickly downloaded the app and started it. The first 3/4 I was fine but the last 2 runs I was just dreading hearing the music lower and the guy say "run now"...but that's neither here nor there because even though I was tired and just wanted to stop...I didn't. The old me would have said "screw it" and quit but that's not me anymore. I've definitely changed in some big ways. To be honest, the old me would have not even gone downstairs today. I woulda sat on my butt and watched TV and ate, and gone for a 4million calorie Starbucks, and watched more TV. Thank goodness that girl is gone.

I'm feeling so much better after the past week of feeling like crap. My energy is coming back. I am also completely done my Christmas shopping, everything is wrapped and I'm ready. Just to actually get to the day. I think the kiddo is going to be a happy girl...a very happy girl. I'm so excited because we have her Christmas eve and into Christmas day, then to be back at her mom's by 2pm that afternoon. It'll be so much fun!

I hope that everybody is having a great weekend so far, I know I am!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Weigh In #16

Finally I get to post a loss! I currently sit at 291.9lbs (-1.4lbs). It's still not the lowest I've been but at least the scale is moving in the right direction this week. And with how shitty I've been feeling thanks to my damn period, I know I definitely haven't given 100% but that's only to be expected. Boys you are so lucky...seriously. My back KILLED me for 3 days straight. Poor Chris was forced to rub my back (he actually volunteered cuz he's that sweet). I missed Zumba last night. We took the kiddo to get some Christmas portraits done (turned out sooooooo cute!), went for lunch with my grandparents, finished my Christmas shopping...that's right I'm DONE!!!!..., went to see Santa at the mall, came home, made our gingerbread train, made and ate dinner, wrapped presents, then relaxed. Busy day, so it's not like I was sitting on my butt all day haha. Next week will be much better though! I'm determined.

How is everybody else doing with their Christmas shopping!?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Ok...I officially hate mother nature today. Boys, look away, this post ain't for you, trust me. You've been warned.

Ok...As I've posted about before, I have PCOS which is characterized by things like heavy, long, irregular, weird, horrible, awful periods, infertility, weight gain blah blah blah. I have a fairly severe case of it where I'd have a period for 3 months and boy oh boy let me tell you they were heavy...I'd become severely anemic, have absolutely no energy and literally would just want to hide under the covers because I felt so yucky. For most people, starting the birth control pill (BCP) would at least slow down the periods and regulate them somewhat. For me however, I have a genetic disorder that makes blood clots more likely...which of course is one of the side effects of the BCP, so I can't take it. After much discussion with my family doc and a gynecologist, we made the decision to put in an IUD. I got the Mirena IUD put in in February of 2009. It only took a couple months and my periods were "normal" and a couple months after that they STOPPED *angels singing*. Every once in a while I'd get a little spotting, a back ache, bloating, bitchiness, etc, etc, etc...but NOTHING like before. Until 3 days ago...I was spotting a little bit and now I actually have a freakin period and cramps to boot...I forgot how much this sucks!!! it's been over a year since this has happened. I'm crabby and miserable and emotional (Katelyn knows all about that...I unloaded my emotions on to her...good news friend, I know what caused the tears!!!). The only good news is that I was so tired last night I slept like a baby!

So there yah have it...Mother nature sucks, I feel like crap, but I got some sleep! HAHA...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Exhaustion At It's Finest

Oh my God I don't think I've ever been so tired in my entire life! I don't know what it is but man...It's just past 6pm and I'm struggling to stay awake! I only did 30 minutes on the treadmill (but I did run for part of it...definitely time to download the C25K app). I had a busy day at work. There's a GI outbreak going on so lots of sick people to take care of. And to make it worse...I have to orientate a new nurse tomorrow. UGHHHHH. I swear to God they should pay us more when we have to orientate because it's soo much work! To jam 1 weeks worth of work routine into 8 hours...stupid new people. I'm sure she's lovely and I'll end up liking her but just the thought of the work to train her is making me hate her for now haha.

I gotta say I'm completely obsessed with the salad dressing...I think this is the first time in history I've eaten my whole salad before anything else. I'm actually not a huge fan of salad but salad with THAT dressing I could eat every day. YUM.

Tomorrow is Zumba night again, as long as my flakey friends don't bail yet again. It'll be different as I've never been to a Monday class so we'll see how it goes. Hopefully seeing as how it's the same instructor, the routines will be similar if not the same, otherwise I'm completely screwed. I mean I seriously take uncoordinated to a whole new level. I've been going to Zumba for like 2 months or more and I still forget the steps sometimes. I still have fun though and it's a great way to burn calories!

I got to confess something. I love having a treadmill at home. I really do. But I'm almost regretting telling you all about it because now I feel like I have something to prove. I feel like if I don't have awesome results you will all sit there reading and say "what the hell is wrong with her, she's got no excuses to not lose weight, she's got a freakin treadmill in her basement!". Now I know you aren't like that...I would hope...but now the pressure is on. Probably not a bad thing though. Just a scary feeling.

Do any of you sometimes get all freaked out when you post something on here for all the blogosphere to see...especially when it pertains to your goals?

Friday, December 2, 2011

Weigh In #15

So weigh in was on November 30th and I did weigh in (but just have been too busy to post about it until now). No change. WTF!? Ok...I know I suffered a lovely gastroenteritis (aka the stomach flu) for a good 36 hours in which time the only thing I could stomach without feeling as though I was going to puke was canned who feels like making soup from scratch when you're sick??...and crackers....which is a HUGE sodium overload. So I was hoping that was the cause. I hopped on the scale again yesterday and it showed a 0.2lb loss, then today it's back to the previous week's weight. So we're going with no loss this week. BOOO.

Now on to the good news. MY TREADMILL IS HERE AND ASSEMBLED AND READY FOR ME TO USE!!!! YAY!!! Thanks mama! I want to attempt doing at least 5kms per day and I want to start the C25K here shortly. And of course Zumba is going to be added in there too.

I have had such a crazy busy past couple days. Wednesday all 3 of us had to be up, showered, dressed, and fed to meet my grandpa to pick up the treadmill, bring that home and get it down into the basement (holy mother of all this is holy that thing is HEAVY), then we had to go to the store to pick up a few Christmas things and make an appointment, then we had to get groceries, then I had to down 1 litre of water and not pee, which is probably the most painful thing I've gone through to date, because I had an ultrasound appointment to check out my ovaries...just keeping an eye on my PCOS, came home made dinner then the kiddo and I baked Christmas cookies. Now let me tell you...after backing about 4 dozen cookies with a 3 year old my kitchen looked as though it had puked a bag of flour, she was COVERED from head to toe in flower, dough, water and sugar, and I was just at the end of my patience with her because she was being a 3 year old and not listening. But we had fun, we got it done and the clean up didn't take THAT long.

Yesterday Chris and I got a chunk of our Christmas shopping done, and I didn't wait until I had a mountain of presents to wrap...I did all I could last night. We also put the treadmill together yesterday...that took a while. Is it just us or are instructions always missing 1 key piece of information and you spend like an hour trying to figure it out but the solution is so simple you're pissed that it took you that long to figure out? Either way it's together!

Today I have plans to clean my entire house so I best get going and get my butt in gear. Hope everybody is having a great day!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011


Question: What do you do when you have to get to the gym 45 minutes early to sign up for Zumba so you get a spot in the class?
Answer: Hop on the treadmill for 2kms at a 2% incline and 3.8 mile an hour speed of course! (I probably could have gone 3kms but I had to pee and stuff before Zumba started).

Haha. So I did really awesome on exercise yesterday. I've been doing Zumba for a couple months now but last night Samantha kicked it up a little bit (plus I felt confident enough to do some of the more "advanced" adding squats into a grapevine) and I kid you know I had sweat dripping down my face, chest, back, get the idea. And it felt AWESOME!!!! I took a friend from work there and she loved it too and wants to go next week! I have a feeling we'll be practicing steps at work though because she was pretty lost the whole time and she kept running into me haha. But that's what I was like on my first time too so...I have hope for her yet! I can feel the muscles in my butt a little bit today but I'm not really sore at all which makes me feel like I'm really getting more fit because before I started this journey, I probably wouldn't have been able to move after all that exercise.

But instead of not being able to move, I'm going to be heading out to shovel my damn driveway again. I wish that the weather would make up it's mind. Either rain or snow...pick one and stick with it!!! And please please please don't give us snow THEN rain just to make the snow weigh 5 billion pounds when I'm trying to shovel it!

This evening Chris and I are going to go shopping and I'll be looking for a few Christmas items for his stocking. I have a pretty good idea what I'm going to get him. As for gifts we're not getting each other anything because we got Harley and we're going to be buying a living room set (hopefully at boxing week prices!) and that'll be our gifts.

Anyways, I hope all you Americans had a good thanksgiving and are having fun black Friday shopping (I WIIIIIISH!!!!)

PS - Check out Tim's blog. He's doing a giveaway of the sweetest most cute Christmas Teddy bear can see his giveaway here

Thursday, November 24, 2011

100 Followers And Zumba!

It's that day again!!! Zumba day! I LOVE Thursdays (and now Mondays now that my favorite Zumba instructor is teaching BOTH Zumba classes!!! That's handy cuz I work shift work on an 8 day rotation so now I'll be able to make at least 1 Zumba class a week and sometimes TWO!). I've also recruited another friend from work and she'll be joining me. I find it so much more fun when there's people you know there. But it's still fun even if there's not! I'm still trying to convince my mom (yes I know you're reading this mother so start feeling guilty) to come and join me to see if the Zumba bug will bite her.

In other news...My mom totally rocks. She's already bought Chris and I our birthday presents (his birthday isn't until January and mine's not til March) and it should be here next week. She got me a *drumroll* TREADMILL....or should I say awful machine of torture, tears and sweat???? This is awesome though because as you know there is a crap ton of snow here (well it's starting to melt now cuz it's been raining here the past couple days...welcome to November in Nelson!) so I'm really not feeling walking outside...because I may be...JUST MAY BE...slightly klutzy and would probably bite it and hurt myself...and I can't afford that! So...I'm going to start the C25K program here shortly. Hopefully that'll carry me through the holidays!!!

Finally, today is the day that I hit 100 followers!!! Soooo that means time for a giveaway. But there'll be more details on that later today or tomorrow because I still have to go to the store and figure out what I'll be giving away. So stay tuned for that!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Yankie Doodle Dandy followers...Hope you're having a great time with family and friends and are eating smartly!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weigh In #14

Today marked another week and I'm down 1lb. Now weighing in at 293.3. I've eaten really well, shovelled lots of snow (I have 4 and a half foot snow banks at the side of my driveway even though it has rained all day), gone to Zumba and worked extra shifts. I'm hoping a skimpy loss is just my body saying "um what the hell woman...let's eat consistantly (good consistantly of course)" and that next weeks loss will be better. I'm sure it will be. I feel much more balanced. I haven't felt this good in weeks.

Chris and I put up our Christmas lights today and they look great!! I will post pics later once I download them to my computer.

For now I will leave you with a picture of the stupid amount of snow outside my house.

Hope everybody is doing great!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

You Know You're Canadian When...

1) Your dinner gets delayed because your other half is stuck at work because of the road closures due to the freak November snow storm
2) You don't need to go to a gym after shoveling the driveway covered in heavy wet snow (but you do anyways)
3) Despite the snowfall warnings, you haven't bought a shovel yet because you know you'll be able to make it to the store despite the ridiculous amount of snow on the roads
4) It takes you 10 minutes from the time you leave the house until you get in the car because you have to dig it out
5) It starts snowing 20 minutes after you finish shoveling the driveway

So that was the last 24 hours at my house! Hope everybody else is having a fantastic day! Let me tell you...shovelling snow is a great workout...weight training and cardio mixed into one! Even so, I'm still heading to Zumba tonight with my friend Laura (I may have threatened her with bodily harm to ensure she was coming as she's bailed on me 1 too many times). So excited!

Don't forget to watch/set your TiVo, DVR, PVR, VCR if you're old school, to record Dr. Oz tomorrow (check your local listings for times!)!!! Katie @ Runs For Cookies is on the show to show off her amazing transformation. Man, she worked hard and is such an inspiration. Currently she's at home recovering from having a tummy tuck and lower body lift to get rid of her excess skin (and looks phenomenal 2 days post op by the way). She is absolutely amazing. I highly suggest you check out her blog if you haven't already. I know my PVR is set (stupid work!!! I wanna call in sick just so I can be home to see it as it airs!) and so very very excited to see it. I've seen several previews as well as watched Dr. Oz on Rachael Ray the other day and my excitement has just grown! One day that'll be me...Not necessarily on Dr. Oz even though that'd be really really cool, but being able to show off my body and all the hard work that I've done.

I'm getting so excited for Christmas. We have bought nearly all our lights (for those of you who don't know, I just moved into the house I live in so this is the first time I get to decorate more than just the tree) and outside decorations and they'll be going up on Tuesday. Chris was bound and determined that he would not be hanging lights this year...but when you tell a 3 year old that Santa won't find her unless the house has Christmas lights on it and she gets all upset...daddy agrees *insert evil laugh here* Can't wait to see my house all decked out for the holiday season. The only bummer about it being the Christmas season is that I love to bake Christmas goodies. Seriously, usually mid November I'm a shortbread baking, chocolate making nut...but not this year. This year is going to be different. The cookies, chips, dips, chocolates, crackers, cheese and meats will be replaced with veggies and fruits...Now all I have to do is avoid every other person on this planets house until January 2nd! I will probably bake sugar cookies with the kiddo but those will promptly be packed up and sent to Chris's work.

What is everybody else's plan for avoiding the treats that come at this time of year? What kind of snacks will you put out for guests? Does anybody have any good and healthy snack recipes so that I don't have to give up my love of being in the kitchen baking up a storm? Any and all suggestions are welcome and will be helpful.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Weigh In #13

So after a missed weigh in and knowing that this weigh in wouldn't be good...I was brave, put on my proverbial big girl panties and stepped on the scale. Not gonna lie though, I had visions of seeing that starting number on there and being back to square one. Thank God it wasn't that bad. I did see a gain but NOT the 20+ pounds I was having nightmares of! I weighed in today at 294.3lbs which is a 2.8lb gain from 2 weeks ago. Time to get my ass in gear! I am thankful that it was only could have been much worse for not being on track for a while. Hope everybody is doing well. I've been reading everybody's blogs but not commenting that much. I will do better at that too. Good luck to those who are weighing in today.

PS - Snow is still falling here...I swear it's only November but it really looks like December out there!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Crazy Week...

This week marked the first week back to work for Chris so we got to figure out how things were going to work with Harley. The day before Chris went back to work we took Harley to the vet for his shots...and subsequently he was up sick all night so I got to sleep on the couch with him (he just wanted to cuddle and slept in the crook of my elbow, but also had to make several emergency potty runs...poor pup). The next night was MUCH better and he slept nearly all night. Then it came time for me to work my day shifts...and Harley got introduced to his pen...and they are not all. He cried and woke me up at 5am cuz he was lonely. The next night was worse...I was up half the night with him. But surprisingly he's actually getting better with sleeping THANK GOD.

In addition to still figuring out things with Harley, we found out that the other full time nurse (there's only and this other lady) is going to be off work indefinitely for an extended period of time while she battles a significant illness. This means more hours and more money for me (yay)...less time with my family and for working out (boo!). But yes, I will be making the time because I'm definitely worth being healthy and happy. And my family deserves it too.

I am getting back on track today. So far so good anyways. Unfortunately though, we now have snow...Yep I said it...And it doesn't look like it's going anywhere...So I guess I'll be limited to the gym and doing the 30DS. Ah well..I guess that's Canada. I will be weighing in this week and I'm PRAYING it's not awful but I know it will be. I know it's a gain which SUCKS but hopefully that'll give me the kick in the pants I've been needing. We'll see how it goes.

Jillian @ I'm In Love Alright, With My Crazy Beautiful Life is hosting a giveaway. It's not weight loss related but it's awesome all the same. I'm a huge scrap booking junkie. I love doing it (in fact, I made a scrapbook of wedding pictures for my sister-in-law for Christmas last year). The only thing I don't like about it is that it takes a LONG time...there's lots of cutting and mess making and I always always always end up with glue on my hands...and I haaate being sticky. So with virtual scrap booking there is far less of that but you can still add personal touches. I sooooo want to win that software!!!!! I have a ton of pics I need to scrapbook! So feel free to check out her blog but don't you dare enter her giveaway or I'll have to kill you....just kidding! (Not really though!) hehe.

So, that's been my crazy week...and I'm sure this next few months will be crazy too, so hang on for a wild ride. I appreciate all of you sticking with me even though I've been a lazy jerk lately. Love you all!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Blog Award And No Weigh In...

So...I've been struggling...big time. No weigh in this week because I know its not good and I don't want to get discouraged. Fuck. This sucks big time...I so badly want to be back on track and I just need to do it but grrrrr.

In other news...KLA at Can I Learn To Think Like A Thin Person passed along the Versatile Blogger award to me. YAY

Verstile:  ver-sa-tile [vur-suh-tl] or, especially British, [vur-suh-tahyl]:  capable of, or adapted for, turning easily from one to another various tasks, fields of endeavor, etc.:  a versatile writer.
Word information source:

So, as a recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award, I must share seven things about myself and pass the award on to 15 newly discovered bloggers.

7 Things:

1) I was born the 3rd month, 3rd day at 3:33 am
2) I have curly hair but straighten it on a daily basis
3) I absolutely can not stand clutter and am a neat freak (to a slightly neurotic degree)
4) I was student council president in highschool
5) Feet gross me out...I don't even like touching my own feet
6) I used to pitch on a competitive fastball team
7) I still have 2 baby teeth at the old age of 25

Now to pick 15 followers:

1) Rachellabelle @ My Hips Don't Lie
4) Sarah @ Thinfluenced
6) Kristin @ And She Ran...
8) Becca @ Size 24 No More
9) Sarah @ Fat So Sarah
11) Teresa @ One Girl One Goal
12) Kris @ Fat Boy Kris
13) Katelyn @ Losing For Good
14) Jen @ A New Poison
15) Paul @ Fat Man Writing

Just to be clear, I never checked to see if any of these people had already received this award. In fact, I'd be surprised if they hadn't because they're all awesome. Also, Some of these blogs are not "new to me"...but they are blogs I really enjoy reading and I think everybody should read them. So...there's my post for today...I'm going to attempt to get my ass in gear so I can continue losing weight. Hope everybody is doing great!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

More Complaining

Feel free to skip this post if you don't want to hear any whining! I have had an awful week at work. I am getting so goddamn sick of that place. The only thing is...I cant bear to even think about leaving my residents...They are all so awesome and I love each and every one of them (yes some days are frustrating with difficult behaviors but...that's long term care nursing). And basically...There are no other full time jobs, so if I want to be able to pay my bills and eat...I'm stuck. We've had BOTH staff cutbacks and wage cuts in the last year and because of sucks. The big wig of the company came in the other day and basically sat there and said "there's nothing I can do" and "my hands are tied" about 100 times...Don't really know what the whole point of him coming was...just pissed everybody off even more.

On top of work being super shitty, the cutest pup in the entire world has decided to also be the cutest pup in the entire world that doesn't want to sleep! He's up 2-3 times a night and by 6am hes UP for the day...Chris and I are both tired and frustrated and we need to figure out something that works to make him sleep!!! Last night was better...we set up his pen in the kitchen so that if he woke up he could wander around a little bit at least but at 4:30 he decided he was lonely and I got up and cuddled him and gave him some food and water then went back to bed...didn't work. As soon as I left he started crying again so I was just gonna leave him cuz I knew he would figure it out that crying doesn't get him what he wants...but he continued on and I ended up getting up at about 5:45 with him and he's only had short naps since then.

I have absolutely sucked on the diet and exercise front lately...I've gotta get back on track here. I've really been struggling since I got off holidays because of all the work shit. After I finish dealing with all that crap I'm just exhausted (and Harley not sleeping doesn't help!)...I need some motivation. And soon...

Sorry for the depressing post. Hope everybody is doing better than I.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My First Day Back Was HELL!!!

I'm so tired! I was so damn busy today that I didn't even have a break until nearly 1pm!!! I was famished. Good thing I packed a healthy lunch of a stuffed pepper and yogurt! I got to work and from 5 minutes after my shift started until 2:30 my phone would not stop ringing. My med rooms were a disgusting mess. I had an admission to do. I had to arrange appointments with outside agencies. I had a wound care specialist coming to see one of my residents. AND I had lab reqs to do (which incidentally hadn't been done properly in 3 weeks so there were a LOT because of the people that were missed). IRRITATING. Sigh...I knew I wasn't ready to go back. Tomorrow the big wig from Kelowna is coming for a general staff meeting...and I guarantee you he is not going to like what he hears. Hopefully his visit will open his eyes and he'll realize he needs to spend a little money to make/keep his staff happy so that they want to come to work (staffing has been a real issue lately...we're constantly working short staffed which increases everybody's work load in a big way). Anyways...enough bitching and moaning...

I was so surprised at how tired I was after work today. I nearly fell asleep on the couch cuddling with Chris (who still has a week left of holidays...brat) and Harley. I tell yah you take some time off and then going back is physically EXHAUSTING. Probably didn't help that I was so busy that I didn't even have time to pee!

Tomorrow is Zumba night. Here's hoping that my friends don't wussy out and I don't end up going alone...Even if I do, it's something I need to do for me and I have fun so who gives a shit if I go alone.

My parents are coming for dinner on Sunday to meet Harley and spend some time with Chris, the kiddo and I. Should be fun. I hope they bring presents haha (I say this because I know my mom reads my blog). Poor Harley has to go to the vet on Monday for his second round of puppy shots...gonna break my heart if he yelps...poor pup.

Anyways, I'm going to go finish watching Survivor with the boys. Talk to y'all later!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm Back...And Back To Work

Hi everybody!!! Well my holidays are over and I head back to work tomorrow (booooooo). I'm not really ready to go back but...I guess I have to seeing as how I have bills to pay and whatnot. Sigh. I guess the good news is that I have holidays again at the beginning of March so I can start counting down to that now haha. I can't believe how fast my holidays went! I was a busy lady.

I went and visited my parents for a couple days and was kept busy there visiting and then going down to the states to do some shopping. My parents bought Chris and I a GORGEOUS framed picture to hang in our house. Once we find a spot and get it hung up I'll be sure to post a photo of it.

We also, obviously, got little Harley and brought him home. That's been an experience. He's up every 2 hours at night so I haven't gotten the sleep I planned on! Haha. But he's definitely sweet and I love him so much. He's definitely a wonderful addition to the family.

I decorated the house for Halloween, carved pumpkins, had my in-laws for dinner, cleaned up the Halloween decorations, planned Christmas decorations, tried new recipes and relaxed as much as I could. It's been a wonderful holiday!!!

I have, however, slacked off big time on exercise and haven't eaten the greatest...although I haven't eaten horrible either. I definitely did get into trouble with the Halloween candy seeing as how we were expecting 2-3 times the number of kids we did get so we stocked up on candy...and have a TON left over...Oh well. Time to practice willpower. Now that I'm going back to work my normal routine will be back in full swing and I'll be more able to stay on track. It was nice to have a break from reality for a little while but I must get back to it and get my weight down. I would LOVE to be down to 250lbs by my birthday (March 3rd). So that's roughly 4 months to lose about 40lbs...doable I think if I put my mind to it! So there's my short term goal.

Also, I must share the recipe for what I made for dinner tonight. It was the very first time I made stuffed peppers and OH.MY.GOD!!!! So yummy and I made them as low fat low cal as I could. Check out my recipe page. For details! Yum Yum (I do have a photo as well that I'll add once I download the pictures!).

Finally...Here are some more pictures from the last few days!

Nap time for Harley

Our awesome pumpkins - Chris's, Harley's little one, mine, and the kiddos

The candy table

Front porch ready for trick-or-treaters

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weigh In #12

Well hello there everybody! I haven't blogged much at all since being on holidays...and what a great holiday it's been. I've slept, gotten my new puppy, had a wonderful dinner with my in-laws, spent time with my parents and went shopping and done a whole heck of a lot...except eat right and exercise. Now when I say I haven't exercised, I mean I haven't...not one bit. At all. But my eating hasn't been THAAAAT horrible...except the pizza...and the potato chips...and the chocolate...oh and the nachos...ugh...but I guess that's what holidays are for. Right? No??? SHIT!!!

Anyways, needless to say I was a liiiittle scared to step on that scale today...was thinking "hmm I should 'forget' that today is weigh in day". But I bit the bullet, stripped down and hopped up on that mean little bastard and waited for what seemed was an eternity for the number to pop up...and I was honestly shocked. The scale read 291.5...WHAT!? Um how the hell does somebody lose 2.3lbs while sitting on their ass and eating like crap?? All I can say is I've used up my Christmas miracle. But I'll take it!! I'm now at a new low and just shy of reaching the 25lb milestone. I'm set to head back to work on November 2nd so you'll see more frequent posting from me once I go back (kicking and screaming the whole way....cuz I really really don't feel like going back yet).

I'm going to leave you with a few photos I've taken recently:

A custom made sailboat on the lake...arrr matey (in the spirit of Halloween)

BOB - The Big Orange Bridge

Action shot of my new baby...please excuse the crumbs on the floor...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Welcome Harley!

This post is going to be short and not at all weight loss related. Welcome little Harley to my family!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weigh In #11

Hey all...I'm posting my weigh in a few days late, but I did take it on the right day. Not much to say. Loss of 0.1lb...yes you read that right, I may as well not have even bothered haha. But at least it's 0.1 down and not up. I don't want to make excuses at all. I sucked major ass this week but there is a reason. I have had soooo much stress this past couple weeks that really sucked the life out of me. I did eat well, but yes I did stress eat at some points, and I was absolutely exhausted so my ass had a lot of couch time. So I'm not totally bummed with the 0.1lb...but do I wish I could go back in time and FORCE myself to get off the damn couch even though I was so stressed I was nothing but a ball of tears the last week...absolutely. That's what this is all about: weight loss. But...Onwards and upwards (or shall I say downwards haha). Enjoying my vacation so far. Have spent some time with my parents, gotten some sleep and *drumroll here* am going to pick up our brand new puppy on the 26th!!! Name ideas welcome!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

And The Doctor Said...

I finally got in to see my doctor today. You guys can read the full story leading up to today's appointment here and here if you already don't know it.

I know you ladies know that your yearly appointment is the worst one ever, and to think that something may be wrong with your lady bits is TERRIFYING...You have no idea what was going through my head the last 6 days! My worst fear of course was cervical cancer...yes I know I'm young but it's not unheard of. So anyways, after not sleeping well for nearly a week, I'm sitting in the doctors office, trying not to burst into tears, fidgeting and sighing trying to keep my cool. The doctor walks in, takes one look at me and goes "relax everything is fine". I let out a huge sigh of relief...then I was mad. Fine...FINE???? Then why the hell am I here?? Turns out that I had an overgrowth of the normal bacteria that live there and need a course of antibiotics...AND YOU COULDN'T TELL ME THIS OVER THE PHONE AND CALL IN A  PRESCRIPTION!?!?!?!? I had to worry for days that I was going to die (ok ok maybe I'm a little over dramatic) and I just needed a stinkin antibiotic!? Irritating. But I'm fine...thank goodness.

Thanks all of you who sent me well wishes after my post this morning. I definitely appreciate it. Love you all!!! 24 hours until I'm on VACATION!!!!

Going Crazy

I blogged last week about my doctor (well the office) calling to say they got test results back that they needed to discuss. Obviously there is something not right going on or they wouldn't have wanted to see me again. I got that call on Thursday. And I've had to wait until today to get in. Not only did I have to wait til today...I have to wait until 1pm! That's just mean! I'm going nuts! I didn't sleep well last night, kept waking up. I was having dreams about being at the doctors office and being told I have cancer, then I'd wake up...try to slow my heart rate down so I could go back to sleep (which takes a while when you're a bundle of anxious nerves!), would fall asleep only to have a dream of being told I was pregnant! Oi Vey! Now I'm sitting here watching the price is right, reading Cosmo, texting and blogging all to keep my mind occupied enough to not focus on the tight knot in my stomach....and even that's not working...I'm gonna lose my mind by 1pm...I'll update you all when I can...I do work at 3 so it might not be until late...AHHHHHHH