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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The good news...

So today is Sunday and was the deadline for walking up that hill. Now before I get on to the story I have to dish out the bad news first. My Jillian went for a walk the other night while I was at work and walked up the hill. When I was at work I got a text that I really did not like! The jist of it was that he had walked up to what we thought (thought being the operative word in this sentence) was the top of the hill. He quickly realized that this was not the case and that it was just a crest then a corner and the hill continued. He explored and realized that the hill goes on for a LOT longer...DAMNIT! Today after spending over $100 on nothing but healthy food (and Mike 'N Ikes for the man who's quitting smoking :) I'm so proud), we decided to take a drive up to see just how far it goes up. Well...Lets just say that I'm going to be heard whining on this hill on a nightly basis for a while now...the end of the road is probably at least 2 kms away from my house (so it'll be an approximate 4 km walk...50% of it being up hill...). CRAAAAAAAAAAAP...Ok so on to the good news. When we finally realized that the top of the hill wasn't actually the top of the hill the goal then became to reach what we THOUGHT was the top of the hill by Sunday. And reach it we did. After only a couple short stops to catch my breath we made it. I stopped, my man told me how proud he was of me, I grinned from ear to ear being proud of myself then I looked at him and said....lets keep going! And we did. We walked a little farther before finally turning around and making our way home. All in all it was about a 30 minute walk and I am feeling so proud of myself. I can do things that I set my mind to. Now time to announce the newest short term goal. I'm giving myself until Wednesday the 20th to make it to the bridge on that road which is probably 90% of the way up. Chris is sitting next to me saying "if you make it to that bridge you may as well suck it up and finish the hill" to which I gave him the stare of death...We'll see. Hahaha. 'Til next time!

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  1. Hey there! I'm Grace fellow weight loss blogger I saw where you are from and I was surprised never seen anyone from around my area! Im from Cranbrook! lol anyway look forward to following your weight loss journey.