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Monday, July 18, 2011

Good(ish) Choices

So before heading to my parents yesterday I called my mom and told her that I'm trying to eat well and lose weight and she was really supportive and said she would make food that I can eat. I was like "perfect it'll be brainless and easy!"...Well that woulda been nice! I should mention that my mom just had surgery and her incision is major infected and she was NOT feeling well so others did most of the cooking. Before leaving we stopped at subway and I had a 6" chicken on 9-grain with sweet onion sauce (fat free and sooo yummy) and tons of veg. Then when we got there my mom had my most favorite dip out which she only makes for special occasions, because it is absolutely awful for you...lite mayo, lite cream cheese, shrimp, seafood sauce, green pepper, green onion, tomato and cheese...then you use tortilla chips to dip...I could not avoid temptation but am happy to report I only had 8 chips with the dip so not as horrible as before. Normally I would have parked myself next to that sucker and gorged. then we had steak, cheesy potatoes (I had a small portion), corn on the cob (without butter OR salt I may add...I find it tastes better), green salad and bread. I feel as though I did well on controlling myself. There was even cheesecake for desert and I said "no thank you" mom looked at me like I had 4 heads...

Activity wise we were pretty busy. We took the kiddo to the spray park and play ground where we chased her around for an hour and I also played with my pup in the back yard. We both even tested out the elliptical that my mom has said I could borrow when the weather starts to turn shitty. All in all...Not a bad day both fun wise and diet/exercise wise...Thank goodness!

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