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Friday, July 22, 2011

Housewife Workout

Tonight instead of going for a walk I'm going to clean the house from top to bottom. Now some of you may be wondering why I'd want to do that after a full day of work at which one of my residents just about drove me up the wall and it took everything I had to not to give myself a PRN (a sedative used on an as needed basis)! Well Chris's mom, dad, sister & sister's husband are coming over! I'm soooooooo excited! But there is something about the "mother-in-law" coming that makes you want to clean like a maniac in desperate hope that there will not be a single spec of dust she can judge you on. I love my MIL to death but the fact that she might judge me scares the bejesus out of me.

I haven't seen my SIL and her husband since Christmas. It'll be sooo nice to see them. The occasional connection through Facebook just isn't enough. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones who's in-law's aren't a total nightmare (unlike poor his inlaws are NUTS!!!!)

Other than the fact that I've had one of those days where I've felt like I was starving all day (Hmmm could this have anything to do with being so busy at work all I had time to eat was a salad!?) I've been feeling pretty good. As I was standing at the bathroom sink this morning, brushing my teeth, Chris said "honey you really DO look skinnier!)...I don't know if he was just exhausted from working all night and just getting home or if it's actually true! True would be nice that's for sure :)

More good news...apparently the warm weather is going to make it's way here for a few days, then cool down for a few days then it's going to be HOT for a while..YAY!

Here's hoping that everybody is going to have a wonderful, happy and overall healthy (don't forget to treat yourselves too!) weekend!



  1. I totally feel what you are saying about cleaning for your MIL. I love my MIL too but I do make an extra special effort to get the house in tip top shape when she and my FIL visit. It's nice that you are having family over - I bet they will notice the differences in your weight too, especially those that haven't seen you in a while! Love to hear that your hubby is so supportive and gives you those wonderful compliments! They are so important to hear,and motivating too!

  2. Cleaning the whole house is a great workout - I sweat my butt of when I clean my house! I hope you had a nice visit with your in-laws! Enjoy that nice weather when it arrives!

  3. Unfortunately, I had to go to work before they got here :( I cleaned the whole damn house and Chris got to show it off...Oh well...I'll get to see em next time.