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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Long Walk!

So today when I woke up I  felt shitty about the lack of exercise that has been in my life the past few days (due to bad weather and being sick) so I resolved that I was gonna walk up the hill before Chris got home from work then go for a shorter walk with him. I love our walks together. Gives us time to talk with no distractions (like the phone ringing or the latest episode of Master Chef or Hells Kitchen...yes we're both Gordon Ramsey fans). It's our time. With crazy busy lives and being on different shifts we really only get 1 full day off together so I really like to take advantage of the time we do have together.

Anyways, I digress, the weather here today is partly cloudy, 21 degrees (Celsius) with only 56% humidity and a nice light breeze. So of course I thought that going for a 4 km walk wouldn't be too bad. Well I was sweatin' like crazy by the time I got to the very top of the hill. Not a bad thing mind you. I just wasn't expecting it. I only stopped ONCE for 30 seconds to catch my breath between my house and the bridge, then I stopped at the bridge for a good 2-3 minutes just to cool off because I was getting drippy. I don't know if I mentioned this but the part of the hill between the bridge and the top of the hill makes the whole rest of the entire hill look like a walk in the park. I feel like a mountain goat going up that last 400 m but did I stop?? NOPE I DIDN'T! So if I were to really push myself I definitely could make it up that hill without stopping! Hmmm maybe tomorrow! Yes I may slow right down but the goal is to just keep those feet moving. Here is a photo with my feet in the dirt at the very top of the hill (I make sure to actually step off the pavement so that nobody can dispute making it to the very top...I mean, there's no more road!

Feet after a 2km uphill walk, yes I have fat ankles...hopefully for not much longer
As you may notice I'm not wearing my Reebok Easytones. I have decided that I'm going to wear them to work for a few days to try and get them broken in a little bit before attempting to wear them while walking up the hill. Also, just a short walk wearing them makes my legs feel like they're on fire so I don't think I'd make it up that far wearing them. So that's definitely another goal for another day. For now I just want to beat my goal of no stopping while walking to the top then I'll start adding more elements of difficulty, along with distance.

I have also started a food journal. I'm pretty good at knowing what I've eaten and when I ate it along with keeping my portions to the proper amounts but I figure, why the hell not. May as well keep track of everything I eat along with my exercise so that way when I see the results I want on the scale I can look back and see what I did right, and when I see those results that I don't want, I can still look back and see what I need to improve on. My difficulty is going to be when I'm working. Over the month of August I have something stupid like 9 days off...What in the world did I do to myself!? *sigh* Oh well.

Last but not least, I want to thank all my wonderful blog followers for their kind words, helpful advice and for just bein' you. I feel like I have a nice extended family who are all helping me push through and succeed. You all help keep me accountable and ensure I pull my own weight in this whole weight loss thing (and at my weight that's hard work! HAHA). You guys are all awesome!!


  1. Girl - you are one committed woman! GOOD FOR YOU!!! Kick that hill's ass and show it who's boss! BTW - are your Reebok Easytones anything like Sketchers Shape-Ups? I have a pair of those and they really do make walking more challenging - you really feel the burn! I should probably pull mine out of hiding and dust them off.
    Anyhoo - so glad I found your blog. I'll be rooting you on from across the border!!!

  2. Way to go! Walking uphill is so hard! I do fine walking around our neighborhood but put me on a hill and I feel like I am going to die!

  3. Go Girl Go! I love your blog! You inspire me!

  4. From what I've heard the Reeboks are much higher quality than the sketchers and because they work by throwing you off balance and your muscles compensating, I would think that they are better than the Sketchers ones that essentially just changes your stride. I dunno though, I've never bought shape-ups. You can always google reviews for Easytones vs. Shape-ups.