LilySlim Weight loss tickers

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Monday, July 25, 2011

New Shoes and Bad Weather

Hi all! So this post is going to be mostly positive (a change for how crummy I've been feeling). I'm feeling so much better. I haven't had a single bout of nausea today. Thank goodness, it was getting old fast. I have been able to actually eat today without forcing myself. And we've had a great day today. My parents came over to visit and took us out shopping. She bought us a ton of veggies because we were nearly completely out (and she knows that eating healthy is very expensive and we're on a rather tight budget) and the kiddo got a tricycle, which she absolutely loves and rides in the basement.

She also bought me a which I have mixed feelings about. I guess it's really good to know where I'm at and where I need to go. However, it was a little disheartening. The number on the scale was MUCH higher than I expected. When I was weighed for my life insurance the scale that the nurse used said 298 lbs. Since then I know for a fact I haven't gained any weight (seeing as how clothes are fitting loser and pants that I couldn't even wear before fit just right now), but today the scale said I had gained like 18lbs leaving me at 315.9 lbs...IMPOSSIBLE. I'm thinking that the nurses scale was way off. But oh well. No use in dwelling on a number that the scale said today. Just have to work my ass off to bring it down to my goal weight of 160 lbs.

I have added a weight loss ticker to my blog so I can track my progress on here in a fun way :) I plan on doing weigh ins on my first day off every week (seeing as how I work an 8 day rotation, it will change). And hopefully I remember which day is my first day off this next month and a half because I'm working so much overtime! *think of the paychecks, Taryn, think of the paychecks*

I also got my new shoes (Reebok Easytones) today!!!! They were sitting on our front porch when my parents went to leave. So I strapped them puppies on this evening and we went for a walk as a family. We walked half way up the hill to the creek and let me tell you, from my ass to my ankles was absolutely on fire. Now this wasn't a problem wearing normal running shoes so yes I can see how they would tone your calves, hamstrings and glutes! They feel a little funny to wear cuz basically you're standing on 4 balance balls (2 on each foot). This is supposed to throw you off balance and force your muscles to compensate. They do! They are also comfortable. Like every shoe they need to be broken in but that shouldn't take long. I'm honestly considering getting another pair to wear at work!

So we had 2 days of beautiful weather...and unfortunately I was sick both days. Now that I'm feeling better it's rainy and muggy out. Perfect. Thank you mother nature.
I hope everybody's weekend was fabulous!!!

Until next time xoxo


  1. Im Jelly I want those shoes!!!

  2. Glad your feeling better! Keep up the good work!

  3. The scale can certainly be both friend and foe - but it is good that you have one and can now monitor your losses each week. But you were really doing great without one so try not to get so wrapped up in the number. If your clothes are looser - that is the important thing! Keep up the great work - and glads to hear you are feeling a bit better!