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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back On Track

Last night I was just beat. I was in bed by 8pm and and asleep by 9:30! I had a very good sleep and was full of energy at work today. Thank goodness because I was soooooo busy. And I still haven't figured out how a doctor can read "we only do blood work once a week" translates into "if I tell them to do blood work on Monday and Thursday they'll do it!" AFTER 4 faxes and a phone conversation saying that our lab day is THURSDAY only...Aren't doctors supposed to be smart?? I guess that's when this really rings true:

Anyways, even though I was crazy busy at work, I came home and had dinner with my man (I skipped lunch so I could have an early dinner with Chris before he went to work), sent him off to work (after he dragged me to the door cuz I didn't want him to go) and went for a 2km walk. I really really REALLY hope that my progress hasn't been stalled by this crazy ass week I have had. But even if it has, that's not gonna stop me. This is a lifetime process and even once I hit my goal weight I'll have to work hard at keeping it off. But I'm not going to start thinking of how I'm going to manage a disappointing weigh in if it hasn't happened yet. I want to live in the here and now.

On another note, my Grandma won a gold medal in golf at the BC Seniors Summer Games...It's kinda like the Olympics but with a whole lot more dentures and Rub A535. It's just kinda funny but I'm so proud of her. My grandparents live kinda near where I do except on the other side of the lake. Takes about an hour to get there only because you have to go across the ferry which takes just over half an hour. It's a beautiful ride and very scenic but the kiddo runs around and drives me nuts when we're on it so mostly we end up just staying in the car so she's strapped in and will behave. Anyways, the whole point of telling you that was because I think we may go over this weekend because they have a boat and I wanna take Chris and the kid on a boat ride :) We even have a little pink life jacket for my favorite baby girl. We'll see...I haven't exactly told Chris yet haha.

I'm seriously contemplating getting up at like 6am tomorrow just to go for a walk before it gets too hot. On my walk tonight it was sooo stinkin hot. I know I was begging for summer not long ago but I didn't think we'd end up with unbearable heat day after day after day with no relief (I also did not consider the whole exercising in the heat thing...). Oh well, it's Canada, we'll be plunged into the arctic freeze before long then I'll be bitching that I miss summer haha. What's with us Canadians and NEVER being satisfied with the weather. At least I don't live in the worst area for winters, it's actually pretty mild here in the winter. Not as much of the frigid, freeze your body to the bone, your toes may snap off if you walk cold that some parts of Canada get. Woah...WHY the HELL am I talking about snow in August!? Ok I'm gonna end this blog post before I drive myself nuts!

Hope everything is going great with everybody!



  1. I just love your comment about dentures and A535 rub. Hilarious! haha

    Oh yes, I've had my fair share of working with doctors. I feel your pain.

  2. That is such a cool way to go see Grandma and Grandpa. Your little girl must love it.

    It's Canadian to complain about the weather, just like saying "eh." I'm complaining more about the weather this year than other years since we went from a cold, wet, rainy spring to hot, humid, heat waves.

    I recommend working out early in the morning, when it worked with my schedule, I loved it.

  3. Ok, here is a tentative 30 Day Shred schedule for you and I to rock this bitch out:

    Level 1: Mon Sept 12 to Weds Sept 21
    Level 2: Thurs Sept 22 to Sat Oct 1
    Level 3: Sun Oct 2 to Tues Oct 11

    Does that give you enough time? :)