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Monday, August 15, 2011

Run Forrest Run & Musical Monday

Happy Monday all!

Yes you may all be hating me right now but I only have 2 more days until 2 much needed days off and I'm hoping those 2 days will fly by!

Today after my man left for work I set out on my walk (I have been leaving for a walk pretty much as soon as he leaves because I know that if I sit down and start relaxing I will not want to go for a walk at all). I did 2kms today but the best part about it was that I ran all the downhill parts. I figured running the downhill parts will be easier to actually GET running if I start with what I know I can do. Also it kept my heart rate up so I could burn those Taco Bell calories! At one point I ran for at least 2 minutes straight (didn't occur to me to time it). However I felt sooooo silly. I know that I must have looked awful running. Everything was either bouncing or jiggling and I was just concentrating on not tripping and falling on my head. I felt more self conscious in those few minutes than I have in a very long time. But I didn't allow that to stop me. I kept going because, who cares what other people think? Is that lady who's sitting on her butt on her deck and eating a plate full of food I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole out running? I think not! So screw em. Screw em all. If I wanna jiggle down the road, I'm gonna do just that!

There are 2 things I learned while I was running though:
1) I need a sports bra that will hold the girls where they're supposed to be. I don't want to knock myself out
2) I need earphones for my iPod that will not fall out of my ears.


I love having my iPod on me when I'm walking. I don't take it when Chris is with me cuz that's our tine to just hang out and talk so the iPod would be counterproductive. But when I'm by myself, I find it keeps my pace up and really motivates me to get movin. I was talking to the lovely Katelyn about such a thing and she suggested that we do a joint post where we each pick 25 songs we love to work out to. She was nice enough to type up the post for me and you can see it here. The bottom 25 songs are my picks. As you can see I have a wide range of taste in music. And as I was going through my iPod and picking songs...I realized I really like angry songs when I'm working out. I tend to put them at the middle of my playlist as the middle of my workout is when I tend to wanna quit. The beginning you're still energetic, the end you're almost done, but the middle is a bitch! My picks are in no way in order of a playlist that I have, I was going through all my music and started picking. Would love to see more "copycat" posts like Teresa did here as it allows me to peruse songs and build new playlists too! I don't know about you guys but I'll hear a song and be like "ooo I gotta download that one" then by the time you get to your computer you've forgotten what it was or who was the artist or even what the lyrics were. Drives me nuts.

Anyways...3 days til weigh in day!!! I'm actually kind of excited because I really don't think the Taco Bell is going to affect me as much as I have been fretting it would because I've really been doing well with the eating thing as well as the exercise thing. So I do think I'm going to see another loss. Which will be fantaaaaastic. Look for my weigh in on Thursday (yes I'll probably blog between now and then too!) and hopefully some updated photos for my first 10lb increment! Only 1.1 lbs away!!!!


  1. Love it! I do something similar in my blog too with listing workout music. I list a few of the songs I've been working out to for the week. Although I don't post music every week, lol. I need to get better at doing that.

  2. I wear 2 bras when I run to hold the girls down lol... It hurts if you dont!

    Also I use a pair of headphones like this

    And they stay in really well!

  3. I wear a sports bra and a crop top thingo. Make sure you don't get one too tight (sports bra or crop top or both) because you'll be struggling to breath if your ladies are strapped down too much


  4. I strap them down with two sports bras. I haven't had trouble breathing, but then again, I'm not overly, shall we say, gifted.

    Can't help with the ear buds, as I don't own an iPod (ho hum maybe one day), but I prefer to run wireless. (Perhaps due to my swimming background - the only entertainment in a pool are my own thoughts).

  5. Suggestion! Nike has a Nike + IPOD It's my favorite. Basically you can run anywhere and it will track your speed, distance, calories burned, and give you little pep talks after a workout. It's my fave!

  6. Great job on the downhill running! And, yes, you just jiggle away - you're getting a great workout, and that's all that matters!! Keep at it!!!

  7. I wear a normal bra, I can't run yet with my knee cause of the surgery but when I do I will need some new bras also.
    I also copycatted the music Monday thing XD

  8. I need to start working on my 25 song list! Like you, I will find it so difficult to narrow down! Music = Life. :)

  9. Way to go with starting to run what you can!

    I can't help you with the bra situation. I have similar issues, but I have headphones that are fantastic. They are Philips SHS8100/28 Earhook Headphones. I got them on I'd post a link but that's beyond my technical powers.

    Thanks for the suggestions regardings late night eating.

  10. omg i know the besttttt headphones that will never fall our of your ears. they are like these little buds that have plastic thingys on the end that go inside your ears and they just stay put.

    mine look just like this except they have a skull design on the outside. lol.

    my boobs need a sports bra to feel comfy when i workout but they arent huge so i dont have to worry about them hitting me in the face or anything lol. ive always had 'small' boobs for a big girl. lol

  11. Soooo I ordered these: Let's hope they're awesome!