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Friday, October 14, 2011

A Stressful Few Days

Ok y'all...It's air out my soul time. I've had a shitty week. I'm exhausted. I'm cranky...and to make it worse...I'm not even covering it up like I normally would so I can at least function properly. My job is ridiculously stressful lately. I feel like I'm the only one doing my job and I don't feel appreciated one bit. It's exhausting. I'm working tons of extra shifts and even worked 16 hours straight this week. I had applied for holidays at the end of the month (I have 7 days that I'm legally entitled to)...and up until this morning whether or not I'd get them off was a mystery. And I absolutely NEED them. Good news though: THEY WERE APPROVED!!!!!!! I will have 12 wonderfully blissful and hopefully restful days off!

Then yesterday, Chris and I went to WA state to get some groceries (ridiculously cheap groceries...we would have spent at least double in Canada), and when I got home there was a message from the doctors office on our phone. I have recently gone in for my "annual" checkup...You ladies know what I mean. The message simply said "Hi Taryn, we got some test results back that the doctor wants to go over with you, please call us back to set up an appointment". My heart stopped. Oh crap. A doctor never calls you back to discuss results if they're good. "Hey Taryn, great pap smear *high five*" just doesn't happen. So needless to say that I'm freaking the fuck out! I called first thing this morning and can't get in to see the doctor until WEDNESDAY!!!! Great...5 and a half days of worrying. I'm sure everything will be ok and it's nothing severely important or they would have had me in there today even if I had to see another doctor. So that's eased my mind slightly.

I was supposed to weigh in yesterday but just didn't cuz I couldn't take any more stress. I will be weighing in today but I'm really not expecting much. I know I haven't exercised very much (stupid work) and I definitely could have eaten better this week. But it is what it is. I'll post that later today.

Thanks for letting me get everything out. Check back later for a scale update.


  1. lmao How great would it be if your obgyn really did say that and High five you! Keeping you in my thoughts and im sure its no biggie!

    and as far as your job situation I 1billion% understand what you mean when you feel like your the only one doing you job! I also hope this gets better!

  2. Good luck with the doctors! Like you said, i'm sure if it was bad news then you'd be in there by now.