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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm Back...And Back To Work

Hi everybody!!! Well my holidays are over and I head back to work tomorrow (booooooo). I'm not really ready to go back but...I guess I have to seeing as how I have bills to pay and whatnot. Sigh. I guess the good news is that I have holidays again at the beginning of March so I can start counting down to that now haha. I can't believe how fast my holidays went! I was a busy lady.

I went and visited my parents for a couple days and was kept busy there visiting and then going down to the states to do some shopping. My parents bought Chris and I a GORGEOUS framed picture to hang in our house. Once we find a spot and get it hung up I'll be sure to post a photo of it.

We also, obviously, got little Harley and brought him home. That's been an experience. He's up every 2 hours at night so I haven't gotten the sleep I planned on! Haha. But he's definitely sweet and I love him so much. He's definitely a wonderful addition to the family.

I decorated the house for Halloween, carved pumpkins, had my in-laws for dinner, cleaned up the Halloween decorations, planned Christmas decorations, tried new recipes and relaxed as much as I could. It's been a wonderful holiday!!!

I have, however, slacked off big time on exercise and haven't eaten the greatest...although I haven't eaten horrible either. I definitely did get into trouble with the Halloween candy seeing as how we were expecting 2-3 times the number of kids we did get so we stocked up on candy...and have a TON left over...Oh well. Time to practice willpower. Now that I'm going back to work my normal routine will be back in full swing and I'll be more able to stay on track. It was nice to have a break from reality for a little while but I must get back to it and get my weight down. I would LOVE to be down to 250lbs by my birthday (March 3rd). So that's roughly 4 months to lose about 40lbs...doable I think if I put my mind to it! So there's my short term goal.

Also, I must share the recipe for what I made for dinner tonight. It was the very first time I made stuffed peppers and OH.MY.GOD!!!! So yummy and I made them as low fat low cal as I could. Check out my recipe page. For details! Yum Yum (I do have a photo as well that I'll add once I download the pictures!).

Finally...Here are some more pictures from the last few days!

Nap time for Harley

Our awesome pumpkins - Chris's, Harley's little one, mine, and the kiddos

The candy table

Front porch ready for trick-or-treaters


  1. Aw, sorry your holidays are over...but March will be here before you know it! As far as willpower...I have none, so I sent the left over candy to work with my husband *shew*.

    I think 40lbs by your Birthday is a great goal, and as long as you keep that goal in mind through Christmas/New Years it'll help you watch what you eat then too.

    And your pup is soooo cute and sweet. :) I hope your first day back goes well!

  2. 40lbs. Is definitely do able! You can do it!

  3. I love the mini pumpkin. So funny and cute (like the dog!)

    I've been eating so much chocolate since Halloween, so i'm just going to take it into work for other people to demolish!

  4. You can take care of those 40 lbs by your birthday! Good luck! Oh my gosh, that picture of Harley sleeping is precious!!

  5. I'm happy you had a good time on vacation - that is what holidays are all about - relaxing and having fun! I;m looking to get back in the swing of things too....I have fallen off the wagon and I am NOT happy. Time to kick it into high gear before Turkey Day and Christmas are upon us.
    Good luck with your mini goal - I know you can do it!