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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weigh In #22

This weigh in was actually done yesterday but it has taken me until now to post it. I have been super sick. I actually even called in sick one day...which is unheard of for me really because of 2 reasons: 1) I can't really afford to be off (thank goodness I was able to pick up an extra shift tomorrow) and 2) I don't trust anybody else to do my job as well as I do. I'm starting to feel much better as of the past couple days except for the congestion in my chest. I get winded soooo easy (reminds me of the beginning of this weight loss journey when I would get winded walking upstairs) and I have a cough that sounds like death warmed over due to my body trying to get rid of the sticky, thick, yellow mucous from my lungs. Yeah I feel hot these days. And to top it off...I got my period the day before yesterday...and for a girl who has an IUD in and very rarely gets a can imagine how excited I was to have that on top of my cold.

I really haven't done a whole lot this week. I did Zumba on Thursday when I was just starting to get sick. Friday is when my cold hit and I've been out of commission since. I was going to try and do Zumba tonight but I still start coughing at the drop of a hat and I don't want people having to avoid me like the plague so they don't get sick. I'll do the Zumba girls a favor and keep my germs at home (which to be clear, I think everybody should have that consideration. If you're sick, STAY HOME. Don't spread your germs all over the grocery store, gym, bank, etc. unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Nothing drives me more crazy than going to the store and seeing somebody cough all over the apples!). I will start working out again on my treadmill at home tomorrow. Today I just still really really don't feel like it.

Anyways, I guess I should let you guys know the results of my weigh in seeing as how I've made you read my ramblings haha. I weighed in at 288.4 which is a 0.5lb loss. Hey I'll take it. I was thrilled that even though I've been eating shitty (quick and easy was my best friend this week) and haven't had the energy to untie the piano from my ass. I've lost less when I was working my ass off...weird how this weight loss thing works sometimes.

Tomorrow is my lovely stepmonster stepdaughters birthday. She's going to be 3! Because she'll be with her mom, I made her a very special birthday breakfast this morning. Homemade chocolate chip pancakes with "snow" (powdered sugar) and honey with a side of hot chocolate and marshmallows...and about 30 minutes after she was done eating I was ready to kill myself because she was bouncing off the walls...What was I thinking?? We're going to have our party for her next week but she already got to open a couple presents from my parents and my grandparents. My mom packed her gift in a Cheerios box and shipped it in the mail. When we gave it to her, she ripped into it, pulled out the outfit inside, looked in the box and went "Oh no! There's no Chee-ohs in here" and was all upset...pretty cute. The same thing happened with my grandparent's was packed in a chocolates box and she was THRILLED that she got chocolates and pissed when there wasn't chocolate in the box...Lesson learned...the kid will be happy with a box of Cheerios and a box of chocolates.

Hope everybody is having a good week, and here's to getting back on track!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm Sick And Tired

Quite literally actually. I have a nasty cold, for which I took drugs to treat the symptoms for so I could sleep (after shovelling of course) and went to bed early. I fell asleep almost immediately, but woke up around 12:30 and that was it. I was up ALL night long. I finally just got up and got ready for work around 4:30am because at that point I knew if I were to fall asleep for 45 minutes I'd be much more tired than what I would be on no sleep. I contemplated calling in sick, but it's Sunday, so I knew that work would be fairly mellow. I did a few little projects around "the home" (aka the seniors facility I work at), and actually got to hang out with some of the residents. Let me tell you, playing Simon Says with dementia patients is just as fun as playing Simon Says with kids.

I made it through work, thanks to Tylenol cold, cough and flu and a box of kleenex, but here I am at not even 5:30pm and I'm falling asleep. My nose is sore from blowing it constantly, my head is congested and full of pressure, I have a lovely barking cough and my ears are soooo itchy (I think I had a slight ear infection but my body fought it off and the inflammation is healing...therefore itching). Somebody really needs to find a vaccine for the common cold...I'd be in line for that every year without fail seeing as how I already have to get the flu shot anyways. Somebody get working on that while I go drown my cold in a vat of nyquil please.

I have been tracking my food a LOT better than I usually do and have gotten quite a bit of exercise this week. So I'm happy about that...but I failed miserably at the no sweets challenge...I do like the salty things but apparently sweet things are a part of my daily life too. However, I have stayed away from the tub of leftover Christmas baking my MIL gave us. I found that if I shoved it up in the cupboard where it was out of sight, out of mind...and most importantly...out of reach, I just didn't have any desire for it. Mike and Ikes on the other hand...they're like crack. And we have a ton of them as that seems to be the preferred treat for the kid during potty training. She will sit on that potty until the end of time if you bribe her with Mike and Ikes or "nike and mikes" in 3 year old language.

My water consumption has mostly been in hot tea with honey to soothe a sore throat that I had nagging at me for I'm drinking tea because I'm absolutely freezing. I can only assume that's because I'm so tired.

I guess that's it for me...I hope that I'm feeling much better very quickly...and as soon as I am I'll let you all know so you can buy shares in Lysol...seeing as how I'm sure I'll use enough of it to disinfect my house that there's no way that stocks won't go up.

On to week 4!!! Same goals.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Holy Crap On A Cracker!

Well I woke up this morning to a foot of snow on my driveway. However, because I had to work at 7am, the snow had to be left until I got home. Poor Chris is still quite ill so I didn't want him out there doing it (especially when he can barely breathe just walking up the stairs). Of course, however, it began to get warm out and the snow began to melt...making it as heavy as cement. And because it had snowed more throughout the day, there was still at least a foot of snow (plus the 2 foot tall and 4 foot wide snow bank the plough left at the bottom of the driveway). I got home at 3:30 and I walked in the door just before 5:30...2 hours of shovelling...I plugged it into my Lose It! app and the thing says that I burned 1376 calories!!!! I was scheduled to restart the C25K program tonight...but I don't think anybody will blame me for postponing that a little. I'm now very congested myself and am having trouble breathing through my nose. Lovely...juuuust what I needed. Ah well...I think that instead of C25K I see a hot bath and bed early in my future!

Hope everybody had a better start to the weekend than I did! HAHA!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I AM Reading!

I just wanted to let everybody know that I am attempting to read all blogs, however my Blogger is still not letting me open some windows. Soooo if you're not getting comments on your blogs, chances are I can't read them. I'm trying to figure it out so be patient with me.

Today started out a little rocky already...Poor Chris is so so so sick (like a fever of 39*C/102*F, super congested, body aches, chills) and I'm a little sick too (beginning of an ear infection I think, and slight nasal congestion. I was up til 3am nursing my poor sick man. Now I'm going to go and shovel the ridiculous amount of snow we got over the last 24 hours. I'm also going to go to Zumba tonight!!! YAY ZUMBA!

I also plan to, over today and tomorrow, sit down and plan my exercise for the next few months or so. I think that if I have it written down and it's a "no-brainer", it'll be easier to do. That's my theory anyways, may not necessarily be the case but we shall see.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Is anybody else having trouble getting blogs to load. When I click on the blog header on my dashboard, the new window pops up but the blogs aren't loading. Is this a Blogger problem or is it something wrong with this stupid piece of electronic equipment!?

Weigh In #21 & SCC Check In

Last week I weighed in at 290.4lbs and this week I weighed in at 288.9 for a loss of 1.5lbs this week!!! I'm thrilled and so happy to see a loss this week. When I'd peeked at the scale half way through the week I was down about 4 lbs and that's when my week went to hell. It was Chris's birthday so we had pizza and cake (I did have salad too!), my mother in law brought over leftover Christmas baking (which I've been attempting to avoid like the plague...key word is attempting) and I've had a maaaaaajor salt craving that I did give in to a few I'm likely retaining some fluid too. But oh well...excuses excuses yet again...but I still showed a loss for which I'm proud of.

As far as my goals in the SCC...HA! I went in saying that a challenge would be great because I'm super competitive and that because I was competing I'd do well...well that turned out to not be the case. Turns out I'm super competitive in board games and sports and about everything else I can be competitive in "real" life...but I just can't seem to stick to my goals for this challenge. I guess that's my biggest struggle. I'd say my biggest success was filling up on salad before I had any pizza (I had 2 medium slices). Normally that would not have been the case! I would have had 4...5 pieces of pizza and not thought twice about the amount of fat and calories I had just stuffed into my yap...I'm much more aware of what I'm doing. I think that's what's allowed me to have what success I have. Awareness can allow you to change so much. It hasn't necessarily changed WHAT I eat at times...I still will have some of the things I want, but I also compensate for it at my next meal by eating healthier or more low-cal to bring balance. Yes I know that I'm on a weight loss mission and that sounds more like maintenance...however, we must remember that it's not an every day thing. I try to eat healthily most of the time.

As for the mini challenge...I tried eating 3 meals with my left hand...and it was a disaster! I had salad for 2 of those meals and cereal for the 3rd and it got soooooo frustrating. I don't think it caused me to eat less or be more mindful of how much I was eating...I just got pissed off and switched hands half way through. Ambidexterity is not in my future! Lets hope I'm never involved in a tragic accident where I lose my right hand or I'm in big trouble! This weeks mini challenge is going to be...interesting. I've been more into the salty snacks this week...but we'll give er a go!

Once again I plan on carrying my goals forward (which would bring in the food and the fitness)...and for fun...hmmm I'll get back to you on that one...I'm really just wanting to relax haha...that counts as fun right??

Alright...I have 3 days of blog reading to catch up on so I'd better get started

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Have Learned An Important Lesson

So as you can imagine, life in a house with a 3 year old and a fairly new puppy can be kinda crazy. My stepdaughter is the cutest little munchkin in the whole world but sometimes her curiosity and her being an only child gets her into trouble. As an only child, she seems to think that everything she likes is hers, and will just take it...some of you may see where I'm going here...

I was getting ready this morning because Chris and I (whom by the time he goes back to work will have been off for nearly 3 weeks!!! Lucky boy) were going to go see if we could find any more pictures to put in our newly furnished living room. I showered, did my hair, got dressed, brushed my teeth, TOOK MY VITAMIN!!!...then went to leave, stopping just outside my bedroom door and turning around because I had forgotten to put on my ring. I went to my nightstand which is where I ALWAYS put my ring when I take it off...Not there...I go into my bathroom which is the only other place I would put my ring...Not there...Now the panic starts to set in...I start to rip my night stand apart, check under the bed, lift up the nightstand, and check under and behind it, shake out the pajamas that were on the floor right there to see if I'd accidentally knocked it off...Not anywhere...Oh no...

So Chris comes up to see what is taking me so long and he sees the worry on my face and immediately says "what did you lose?" (he knows me too well)...So I fess up that I can't find my ring...we start ripping the upstairs apart looking for it...Can't find it anywhere...Did the dog eat it?? Chris goes out to check the poops in the backyard to see if he can see it...Nope...We start ripping the kids bedroom and play room apart...and after approximately 30 minutes I pick up her toy fire truck and hear a few rattles...I look inside and there is my diamond ring...HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF...Thank Christ we found it...I was losing my mind. Obviously my ring means so much to me and the thought of not having it brought me to tears.

So lesson learned...ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS put your ring in its box and put it in a drawer away from 3 year old little fingers...And hope to hell that this is not a sign of what's to come...I don't know that I want to take back merchandise that my little klepto stepdaughter has gotten her sticky fingers on.

On another note, I have attempted to eat with my left hand as per the mini challenge and holy is that difficult. Not only did I drop nearly everything, it took forever to eat! I'm just not ambidextrous. At least I tried it. I have remembered my vitamin every single day this week and I've tracked my food. I have not exercised as of yet this week...I know BAD...I do plan on going onto the treadmill tonight. It is Chris's birthday on the 14th so tomorrow I'll likely be baking his cake but I will still get some exercise in and I'm definitely going to Zumba on Monday. I have also been doing well with my water challenge and have not broken those rules yet either. Whew! Hopefully my week is much less stressful than last week at work, and scores less stressful than the 30-45 minutes I spent looking for my ring today. Back to work tomorrow...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Weigh In

Last week I weighed in at 293.5...and this week I weighed in at 290.4 which equals a loss of 3.1 lbs! I'm now back to where I was before the holidays (actually a smidgen lower) and plan on continuing this downward trend! So excited for this next week! Lets go chicks!!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

SCC Check In & Week 2 Goals

So this week was awfully busy for me (but then again, now that I think about it, most weeks are!) and I was super stressed out for most of it. I'm hoping that tonight is a normal night and everything goes smoothly. Hoping, but not optimistic haha. I started out with 4 simple goals (exercise 4 days, write down my food intake every day, drink nothing but water (modified to allow caffeine in the morning), and to take my vitamin every day)...Well I succeeded only on the one I modified...Sooo I'm going to continue my goals into the next week. However, I know that I've lost at least some weight this week so thank goodness what I did do worked. My official weigh in is tomorrow but I do check the scale at least every couple days to make sure I'm on track.

I really do like this challenge. I have "met" some amazing people that I otherwise wouldn't have met and they offer me some amazing support, and I hope that I offer them the same! I can't wait to keep going with this challenge and actually have a normal week at work which hopefully will allow me to be successful with my goals. I was close on most of my goals so perhaps I need to just be a little more lenient (ie take my vitamin 5 times this week). The exercise though, I really need to do. Because of my shitty week, I was just so exhausted ALL the time so I put it off...but I really need to just stop making excuses and do it. And I'm going to. I'm going to make Chris be mean to me and force me to do it haha. He is such a wonderful man and is truly so so so supportive. He does his part...and I've been slacking on mine.

Because I didn't successfully complete my goals this week, I'm going to continue them. I am going to continue my modified water goal (nothing but water plus 1 cup of caffeine per day) and add in just 1 other drink that is not water.  I plan on increasing the frequency in which I post on my blog so that by the end of the week you guys can see if I'm close to achieving my goals or if I'm slacking off yet again...and FEEL FREE to call me out. Seriously, I will not take offense.

As for the mini challenge...oh boy...I better invest in a bib...I am horrible with using my left hand...but i will give it a shot!

I've Been Tagged...

Oh we go!

I was tagged by Hyla and Sarah

The Rules:

1) Post these rules
2) Post 11 random things about yourself
3) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post
4) Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
5) Go to their blog and tell them you've tagged them

11 Random things:

1) I'm completely OCD - Things have to match, I have spots for things and they must stay in those spots, I have to fold my laundry a certain way, if there is more than 1 thing on a plate, I eat them 1 at a time (example: salad first, then bun, then chicken, then carrots)...I can't mix them, I will even pick food apart to eat things separately,
2) I love soup, but it can't be soupy...I have to either dump out most of the broth and add a few crackers to soak up the liquid or add a TON of crackers
3) I was my mother's rebel child...I got my first tattoo at 17 while on a day trip with my friend (kinda regret that one now!)
4) I was student council president in grade 11
5) I can't keep plants alive (seriously, I killed a cactus)
6) I slept with a teddy bear until I met Chris, my teddy has now been passed down to the kid
7) I've wanted to be a nurse since my youngest brother was born
8) I became a supervisor at the A&W I worked at at the age of 16
9) I worked at a brewery but HATE the taste of beer
10) I have an amazing memory for commercials, songs, stupid facts that don't really matter and medical stuff...but don't ask me where I left my keys
11) I fall asleep incredibly fast...Chris says within seconds of me saying I'm going to sleep.

11 Questions from Hyla:

1) How do you plan on meeting your goals this year? Are they realistic? If so do you have high hopes of meeting them and surpassing them?
a) My goal for this year is to get to "onederland"...which would require me losing 90 lbs. I think that this is a fairly realistic goal. it's approximately 1.7 lbs per week to lose. I definitely have high hopes of meeting that. I plan on Zumbaing, running, ifiting and strength training my way there.

2) Are you looking forward to any big events this year?
a) We don't have any big events planned (ie no marriages, babies, trips, etc)...but Chris and I can be fairly spontaneous so we'll see...stay tuned folks

3) Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? I mean, where would you like to be?
a) I'd love to be on vacation in the South Pacific

4) What is your favorite piece of comfy clothing
a) sweatpants by far (specifically my black sweats that are a size or 3 too big)

5) What is your favorite piece of "I feel hot" clothing?
a) HA...some things aren't meant to leave the bedroom...

6) Honestly, what are your thoughts on Facebook?
a) I think it's great to keep in touch but I could live without my blog...I'd probably murder somebody if it went away

7) Have you ever done anything daring? If so, what?
a) I don't really think I have done anything daring...I'm a pretty "play it safe" kinda girl...Wow...I'm boring

8) What is your favorite book and author?
a) Ok I know this is going to sound really dumb but my favorite book by far was "the long road home" by Danielle Steele...just a very tragic story and I bawled my eyes out.

9) What is your favorite movie?
a) Hmmm...Probably October Sky...I watch it every time it's on TV...I don't really have favorite anythings so those questions are hard for me to answer...also depends on my mood.

10) What is your favorite Disney Princess or other princess?
a) I like Cinderella...but I also thought Princess Diana was an amazing woman who was doing so much for the world, and the fact that her life was cut short because the paparazzi couldn't just leave her alone was awful. I still remember where I was and how I felt when I found out she died.

11) Do you dream? What about?
a) I dream a lot. Lately about zombies because we'd watched a whole bunch of "the walking dead". I also dream about realistic situations...for example, I had a dream that my MIL took Harley too the groomer and shaved him bald...and I was sooooo mad at Chris for letting her do it. I actually woke up feeling angry but quickly realized it was a dream.

11 questions from Sarah:

1) What is your current favorite workout song(s)?
a) I like listening to P!nk when I'm working out on the treadmill - so what, raise your glass...For Zumba my favorite routine is the Greek "opa" fun

2) What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?
a) Ainsworth hot springs...See post here

3) When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
a) I wanted to be a nurse ever since my youngest brother was born. He was born premature and we spent a lot of time in the hospital with him. I still remember getting to put my hand in the incubator and touching him...he was still furry! We also have pictures of him wearing the preemie diapers that went up to his armpits...he was really little.

4) If you had an unlimited amount of money, what would you do with it?
a) I would pay off all my debt, Chris's debt, buy us a brand new house, new cars, invest some of it wisely, set up a savings account for the kid, ensure we had enough in our savings to never have to work again, donate some to charities, buy my own private island in the south pacific, have a personal trainer, chef, maid and hairstylist/makeup artist, etc, etc, etc...hey a girl cam dream....

5) What is your dream vacation?
a) South Pacific for 2 weeks...Fiji or Tahiti

6) Would you ever go sky diving or bungee jumping
a) Sure would...Would be scared to death though

7) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?
a) Anywhere warm...NO SNOW

8) What is your favorite book or author?
a) See above

9) What is your favorite animal?
a) That I can have at home: Dog...of all time: Dolphin

10) What is your favorite exercise?
a) SEX!! Zumba

11) What are your goals for 2012?
a) To get to "onderland", to run a 5K, to not have to step foot in another "plus size" store.

11 people I'm tagging!

1) Rachellabelle
2) Kay Kay
3) Half Chinked
4) Mom on a Mission
5) Rochelle
6) Shannon
7) Fatoutofskinny
8) Karla
9) Monicalatour
10) Sharon
11) KLA
12) Maren

My 11 questions to you guys:

1) What is the 1 thing you are most proud of?
2) If you could go back in time and tell your 10 year old self something, what would it be?
3) What is your guilty pleasure?
4) What is the one thing you hate more than anything?
5) If you had to live on fruits and veggies and ONE other thing...what would that one thing be?
6) What is the ONE item you cannot live without?
7) Who was/is the most influential person in your life and why?
8) Dead or Alive, you can have lunch with ONE person, who would it be and why?
9) What is the one bad habit, that is not eating or exercise related, you wish you could break?
10) What TV show do you watch every week without fail?
11) You have $1M dollars to give to charity, what charity would you pick and why? What would you want to see done with the money?

Have fun everybody!!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Oh. My. God....I feel so much better!

Chris and I had a much needed date night. We went out for dinner then went to the hot springs. Now, after 2 horrible, awful, no good, very bad days at work, I was just at the end of my rope. I was ready to quit my job, even though it would mean living in a refrigerator box under BOB

Looks cozy!
 So when I got home exhausted and cranky, Chris decided that we needed to relax. And relax we did. After a yummy dinner, we drove the half hour to Ainsworth Hot Springs. 2 hours in blissfully hot water. How could you not relax here!

The warm pool...about 95 degrees last night

Grotto at the back of the cave in the hot pool. Hot pool was about 105 degrees last night

I could hang out here every night
 The water is from naturally occurring hot springs and there's just something natural and beautiful about it. When we got home, I basically went up, layed down into bed, Chris snuggled up to me and we were talking and then I woke up at 9am...Probably was mid sentence when I fell asleep. Poor Chris. I felt soooo bad this morning when I woke up (but sooooooo good at the same time!). That little vacation from reality was exactly what I needed.

Now I'm off to get on the treadmill before work. Have a great day all!

(The photos posted are from Google...I did not take them!)

Friday, January 6, 2012

I Can't Feel My Feet...

These past couple days have been THE WORST I've had at workin a very very long time. I'm exhausted. I have been run off my feet for the last 2 days. Enough already...Please. On the bright side I've been getting a lot of exercise at work and have consumed very little calories cuz...who has time to eat!? I didn't even have time to finish my cup of tea this morning. I will post more later...right is in order.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

C25K Ain't Got Nuthin' On That B!tch

Of course I'm talking about Miss Jillian Michaels herself. Chris got me the Jillian ifit chips for the treadmill for Christmas and tonight was the first night I tried them out. The first workout was only 20 minutes. Sounds doable right? Especially when C25K is at least 28 and you're running for parts of it. Well let me tell you that the cuss words that were muttered in the basement hadn't been said in a while. It started out all well and good but she kept increasing the speed and before I knew it I was walking at 3.4mph at a 7% incline!!! All I have to say is "ouch". Right now my ass and quad muscles are quivering and I've been done my workout for nearly half an hour! I also burned more calories doing ifit than I do doing C25K (hmmm ridiculous incline is effective). However...That does not mean I'm going to give up doing C25K at all. I think I will alternate them. I'm gonna put some miles on that treadmill this challenge let me tell you!

If you read my post earlier today you know that I have to tweak my "nothing but water" rule, but other than my 1 cup of tea/coffee per day...I haven't cheated at all!

I remembered my vitamin this morning (but forgot it yesterday)...I think that the key to remembering is to put a spot on my food log where I can put a check mark to show myself that I've taken it, or remind me that I still need to.

We haven't eaten the healthiest dinners so far this week...but nothing horrible either and I've been attempting to keep my portions under control.

Today was Harley's first trip to the groomer. Man did he make me feel like a terrible momma. He knew something was up when we packed him into the car. He was whining and shaking and clinging to me, and he was shaking like a leaf and giving me those sad eyes when I handed him over to the groomer. Then we went to the store next store to buy him a bag of dog food and I could hear him crying through the wall. Seriously brought tears to my eyes cuz I felt so awful. But he was a hot mess...he needed the groomer sooo bad. When we went to pick him up he curled right into my armpit and didn't come out until we got home, then he was excited to see us. He was not a happy pup. But as promised here are the before and after pics of my little man. He was so cute all ragamuffiny...

Peekaboo...I...can't really see you!

Ahhh no more running into walls for me momma

The Fatal Flaw

When I set out my weekly goals for the SCC, I was really optimistic and ready to go for it. I vowed to drink nothing but water this week...not thinking about the caffeine bump I usually need to get me going in the morning. I was made painfully aware of that when I was awoken but a chatty and energetic 3 year old a little earlier than I was prepared for. Needless to say that my morning cup of tea was quickly in my hands. I must absolutely allow for a cup of tea/coffee once per day. I do use splenda and low fat milk (which is why it would break my water only rule). But trust me, its a necessity.

Today I have to take my puppy to get his hair cut for the first time. He's soooooo cute and fluffy and ragamuffiny right now that it makes me sad...but he occasionally runs into a wall because he can't see through his hair haha. I will post a before and after picture later today. I'm sure he's gonna look half his size (if only it was as easy as a hair cut!).

I may post more later today but I had this overwhelming need to fess up!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Weigh In Of 2012

2011...What a year. I have accomplished so much, yet I'm still not where I want to be. I have made smart financial investments, I have taken a trip with Chris, I have lost over 20lbs, I got a puppy, I have advanced in my career, and I have begun to change my life. There is still so much I want to accomplish in 2012 though. I want to continue to lose weight (obviously), but most of all I want my heath. I want to be able to do things that I can't do at this point. This past week is not something I'm proud of, but it is what it is. I weighed in this morning at 293.5 (a gain of 2.9 lbs). I'm not surprised...I ate like crap and have not tied my runners onto my feet at all. But now that I have the SCC to keep me accountable, this will all change. I am horribly competitive so I think a challenge was just the ticket.

Goals for week #1 of the SCC:

1) exercise 4 days this week (redo week 2 of C25K and Zumba)
2) write down my food intake into my journal every day
3) drink nothing but water
4) remember to take my vitamin every day

So there we have it! My goals for this week.

Now I want to wish everybody a healthy and prosperous 2012. I truly appreciate everything you have all done for me. Without your support, I likely would have given up a long time ago. 2012 will be a fantastic year! I know it already!