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Monday, February 27, 2012


Today I did W4D2 of C25K. 5minute run intervals...My goodness...On Feb 4th I restarted the C25K program after falling off it relatively quickly the first time. And I had trouble getting past week 1...with 1 minute run intervals. Less than 1 month later, I am running 5 minute intervals with some difficulty but I can do it. And I'm proud of myself. I did have some issues today...and not related to the running. I'd just started and was doing the 5 minute warm up and I had to pee so badly, even though I had just gone before I headed downstairs. So I paused the treadmill and the app and ran upstairs to pee before continuing on. Then half way through the first 5 minute run interval I had to pee again...SERIOUSLY??? So I finished the run and paused it during the walk and ran upstairs to pee AGAIN. Then I had to pee after finishing the workout...I think I might have been holding on to a touch of fluid!

Holidays are going great. Work even called me today to see if I could go in for a shift...NOOOOOPE I'm on holidays for a reason...because I need time off and away from that place. I might pick up a few shifts from my other job just to keep my casual status going but other than that I plan on doing nothing but relaxing, cleaning, working out and having fun. It is my birthday on Saturday...I'll be 26...and my mom is taking me for a pedicure! So excited! Hmmmm what color should I get my tootsies painted?? I know I still owe you all a progress picture...but I have not put on makeup or done my hair these past couple days so there's no way I was getting in front of a camera...tomorrow perhaps!

Here's to almost being half done the C25K program!!! Have a great day everybody.


  1. You are right to feel so proud Taryn, this is fantastic! I know seeing myself progress through C25K in a way I never imagined I could was so awesome. Almost halfway! You go girl!!

  2. Your progress in C25K is great. You're coming across similar problems/experiences I had too. I remember wanting to pee lots too! Hahaha.

  3. OMG I cant even imagine running for 5 mins! Thats nuts! Your doing soooo good! Keep it up chicka!!

    P.s. Happy early birthday!!

  4. You are doing Fantastic! I know I can't run for 5 minutes, though I'd love to be able to. Happy Early Birthday! Enjoy your Day and your Pedicure - I vote for something bright and cheery :)

    BTW Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting...I may need to pick your brain in the future if you don't mind I'm sure you'd have some great insight for me.

    Take Care,

    1. Any time doll. Send me an email any time. tarynmarchi(at)gmail(dot)com