LilySlim Weight loss tickers

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Monday, March 26, 2012


I feel good today. I did have a fairly shitty day at work. At 7:15 this morning I walked into one unit and heard a resident screaming "no, stop it, I said no!" and when I turned the corner, one of the care aides was trying to pull this woman into the tub room for a bath (said care aide is also the same one who was in the local paper a few weeks ago saying that if you don't try to force a dementia patient to do things they don't want to do, they're far less aggressive). I was actually hoping that my resident would hit her with her walker! I was so mad! She even had the balls to ask me to help her get her in the tub! I told her to back off and let her calm down, which of course worked. Anyways, that just set my mood for my work day. I was NOT happy. It was also a busy day. But once I got home my mood changed.

I got to hang out with Chris for a little while, watched Amazing Race, had to say goodbye to Chris cuz he's working night shift tonight, then went onto the treadmill and did W5D1 of C25K. I also tracked my food today and came in at 1646 calories and I burned 311 calories working out :) YAY!

I really want to get a watch pedometer similar to this so I can monitor how many steps I take in a day. That one also records calories burned throughout the day and monitors heart rate as well...fancy schmancy...And I'd get to see how much walking I really do in a day.

One day down, 6 to go in week 1 of this challenge :) I leave you with a cute picture of my little man. He just had his hair cut the day this was taken.

Even has the "am I not the cutest?" head tilt down!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

RFS Challenge - Week 1

Ooook kids let's do this! Here are my week 1 goals for this challenge.

Weight Loss: 2lbs please and thank you!
NSV: Pick up and try on my new, 3 sizes smaller jeans (eeee!)...I've been avoiding picking them up because I'm terrified they won't fit.
Nutrition: Remain under 1700 Calories all week
Fitness: Redo Week 5 of C25K AND attempt to take Harley for a walk...He's still a baby and can't control his sniffer so a walk might take about 6 and a half years.

As for the mini challenge...I love this! I will be going to the grocery store on Tuesday sooo stay tuned to what I pick up and how I cook it and with what...Hmmmm recipe post perhaps?? I have wanted to try broccolini for a very long time...perhaps I'll bite the bullet and spend a small fortune on it just so I can say I've tried it. I've tried pretty much all fruits and veggies so this might be hard but exciting!!!

In other news I've been feeling soooo weird today. I felt nauseous early this morning because I was crazy thirsty and drank a ton of water and could feel it sloshing around in my belly. Consequently, I wasn't super hungry for most of the day. I had a cheese sandwich for supper...healthy I know...Then tonight I blubbered like a toddler who lost her balloon in the sky while watching Desperate Housewives and Long Island Medium...along with most of the commercials. I feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster taking me from normal to nut job in 2 seconds flat. Weirdest feeling ever. I wanted to workout but I'm still feeling nauseous and I can't seem to last 2 seconds without tearing up...I think sleep will be the best cure, then I will be back at it tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be my normal self!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bored At Work

So I had the bright idea to pick up an extra shift today (Saturdays = charge pay + weekend premium = an extra $5/hr ontop of my $31/hr wage). Only problem is it's an hour from my house and a 12 hour shift...yay 14 hour day! And it's such a boring job. Blah. At least the roads were good which is a rare occurrence lately with all the snow we've been getting.

Just thought I'd update and say hi!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Birthday To An Amazing Blogger

Today is Kristin over at And She Ran...'s birthday. She is an amazing woman, a wonderful blogger, and has one hell of a sense of humour. If you haven't read her blog, I highly suggest you pop over and catch up on her journey, and while you're there, wish her a happy birthday. She deserves all the birthday loves we can give her.

Happy birthday Kristin. Sending you lots of love and best wishes for this year!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ready For Summer Challenge

I've been humming and hawing for a while about whether or not to join Maren's Ready For Summer challenge. I finally decided to bite the bullet and sign up. I was hesitant after failing SO miserably at the Spring Chick Challenge. So we'll see how this one goes. I'm hoping much better.

Sooo here are my goals!

1) Weight Loss: I want to lose 10lbs over the 10 week challenge, more would be great.
2) NSV: Finally finish the C25K program
3) Exercise: At least 3 times per week
4) Nutrition: Track, track, track and stay between 1500-1700 Calories per day

Here we go kids!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weigh In #29

Many of you may have noticed there was no weigh in last week. There was a reason for that. I knew I had had a big gain and I didn't want to see the number. I was having a rough week, had been so busy, and hadn't eaten very well at all. I do know at one point I was up almost 7lbs...and yes a lot of that was due to high sodium foods.

As of today I'm back down to 284.4 which is still a half pound up from where I was 2 weeks ago, but a whole lot better than back in the 290s! I'm tracking food and really watching what I eat and am going to be back at exercising so I'm expecting to see a loss again next week.

I am going to keep fighting. I am not giving up!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Well I guess I should update...I'm still here!!! Just have been quite busy. Chris and I made the 2 hour 1 way trip to the good ol' US of A to get groceries. I really wish we could our food at the same prices that those of you who live in the states do. I can go to the grocery store here and spend $300 and have half a cart full, especially if I need to get meat. We spent $700 in the states (and about $250-300 of that was meat) and we had 2 carts that were absolutely in things were falling out! I also got myself a kitchen scale and have been using it non stop.

Before I was just making better food choices and exercising but I really feel as though I need to track every single morsel that goes into my mouth. So that's what I've been doing. I now know exactly why I had no desire to do it in the first place. It's a pain! By the time I had weighed, measured, portioned and input all my food into the LoseIt app, Chris was half done his meal! However, I like the control it gives me. I know exactly how many calories have gone in, and the app also tracks exercise and calories out. Simple math right? If more calories go out than go in, there should be weight loss no matter what. We shall see....I'm aiming for about 1500 calories a day...which I'm finding fairly easy to do. However, I do get hungry at night, which is when I want to once my calories were gone yesterday, I distracted myself with a hot bath (to soothe my very very sore muscles from shovelling 900million pounds of heavy wet snow yesterday for over 2 hours with a 3 year old in tow) and the latest edition of Cosmo, then went to bed.

Lately I've been having the weirdest craving ever. I have wanted nothing but feta cheese. So of course, living in Canada and a small container of feta cheese costing like $12 it was an expensive craving to have. Luckily dairy in WA state is super cheap and I got a container for about $3 and have been putting it on salads these past couple days...sooo yummy. Salty goodness and not too terrible in calories.

My breakfast has also been the same for the the last couple days. I spotted peanut butter multigrain cheerios at the store and HAD to buy them. Peanut butter and cereal mixed together into a low cal yummy breakfast and it is TO. DIE. FOR. I slice a banana on top and it's heaven. I really hope we can get it here in Canada or I might be asking you guys to ship some to me! If you haven't had these yet...BUY THEM!

I have been frustrated with my C25K lately. Twice I have attempted W6D1 and haven't been able to complete it. It's driving me nuts! I get so frustrated and disheartened because I can do the first 10 minute run but when it comes to the second, I only get about 4 minutes in before I'm struggling. I keep pushing but I just physically haven't been able to do it. So I took a little break from it. Today I'm going to go back and do W5D3 to get myself going again, then I will attempt W6D1 again. I'll let you know how it goes.

Friday, March 9, 2012


...That's what my legs felt like they were made of today during my workout. I decided, in all my wonderful wisdom, to complete W6D1 of C25k tonight and it was...mediocre at best. My first run interval (10 minutes) went by ok. I felt I did ok. Yes I was extremely tired (this had more so to do with the fact that I had probably the worlds shittiest...and likely shortest...sleep ever last night, then went back to work after being off for damn near 2 weeks, and had a long day), but I knew that was no excuse to skip my workout. Then the second run interval (again 10 minutes) came and I suffered the entire time. At about the 3 and a half minute mark a good song came on and that got me through the next 4 or so minutes, but I was struggling so much at the end of that song...I ended up walking for about 45 seconds just to get my breath and build up the energy to finish...but I did finish. The whole time I kept thinking "3 minutes is really NOT that long, you've run that long before", "2 minutes and 30 seconds is easy peasy, that's what you did in like week 3!", "2 minutes is nothin you got this" and so on...PAINFUL. I felt like giving up so many times. Every muscle in my legs was burning. And I felt like I was going to throw up (FYI: I would not recommend eating a pasta dinner any less than 4 hours before running). I felt like I was going to die...Then I remembered something I saw on Pinterest:

Seeing as how none of those had happened, I figured I had better run until the little man in the app said to stop! The app did give me the "athlete badge" to which I snickered. I'm not exactly an athlete, but I have come a long way from where I was!

Because I felt this run was so shitty, I will be redoing it and redoing it properly. Although, that likely won't happen tomorrow. I will workout tomorrow though, and that's a promise!

Well It's nearly 9:30 and I'm almost falling asleep writing this blog post so I think I'm gonna hit the hay and pray that I sleep soundly until my alarm goes off bright and early at 5:15am...Ugh...G'night.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bring On Week 6

Today I was supposed to do an earlier C25K at a higher intensity than I had done previously, but I just felt so good after last nights run that I wanted to do it again today. Today was a little different in that it was a 5 minute warm up walk, 8 minute run, 5 minute walk, 8 minute run, 5 minute cool down walk. It seemed so...short...which is something you would have NEVER heard me say before when it came to running for 8 minutes straight...twice at that. The runs seemed to fly by and the walks were painfully slow. It's ridiculous how boring walking is on the treadmill. I'd rather run at this point. I'm so excited for the next run (same as today except the run intervals increase to 10 minutes a piece). I likely won't do that tomorrow but the next day for sure. Tomorrow I will likely do an earlier day at a higher intensity to start increasing my speed.

Tomorrow is also my last day of holidays (waaaaaaa!!!!!!!) so I think I'm gonna sleep, lounge around, finish my laundry and do another tidy up of the house. In all reality I'm not ready to go back to work, but I am at the same time. I like the structure that my week holds when I'm working. That being said...I can't wait to start planning my next holidays. Hahaha.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Today was an awesome day for me! I completed another day of my C25K program but this time there was NOT the thought in my head that there was no way I could do it. I knew I could (hmmm NSV?? I think so!). For those of you not familiar with the program today consisted of a 5 minute warm up walk, 5 minute run, 3 minute walk, 8 minute run, 5 minute walk, 5 minute run and finally a 5 minute cool down walk. Previous to today, the longest run interval I had done was 6 minutes, so going up a full 2 minutes is quite ambitious, but I honestly felt great the entire time. Weirdly enough, the 5 minute run intervals felt longer than the 8 minute one. Either way today I impressed myself, but did not suprise myself, because I'm building confidence in myself.

I certainly have noticed a big boost in my confidence in all aspects of my life. Yes, I know I'm still fat, but I'm much more fit than I was and I'm definitely smaller than before and people are really noticing a difference, and that makes me feel awesome. I feel as though I hold myself differently, I actually stand up and WANT to be noticed. I can only imagine what I'm going to feel like as I continue to lose weight.

I also need to thank Tim, who helped me solve my runner's stitch issue. For those of you who didn't read his comment, he told me that upon the onset of the stitch, you should push your stomach out as you breathe in, then relax it as you breathe out. This works like a charm. I started feeling the stitch (however much less than usual because I was focusing on my breathing) and I followed his directions and it was gone within 15 seconds...yay! I did have to repeat a few times because the stitch did return but it has been far less of a bother since I've gotten all the tips. So thanks everybody, you rock!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Weigh In #27

No spectacular weigh in this week. I am down 0.5lb...which is better than nothing!

My birthday was awesome! I got my pedicure...and found how just how ticklish my feet really are. I really wasn't relaxed because I was so busy trying not to kick the girl in her face when she touched me. I chose a sparkley blue color as that was as close to aqua as they had. I tried to take pictures of my tootsies but they really didn't turn out that well. Chris and I then went out to dinner with my family. We ordered an appy platter for the entire table...Fries, onion rings, chips and salsa, chicken wings...Things that I haven't had in FOREVER...I probably had a little too much...oops. For my main course I had chicken souvlaki...YUM...Greek salad, fresh pita, tzatziki, chicken and rice pilaf...I didn't eat the rice though, it was undercooked and kinda gross, but the rest was tasty. We then came home for the cake I made and it turned out soooo yummy for being low cal.

As far as exercise...I kinda took my birthday weekend off but I will be back at it today. Promise

I wanna say thank you all for the birthday wishes and emails...and for the shoutouts in the blogosphere. You guys truly rock.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Today was my W5D1 C25K run and I really feel like it couldn't have gone any better. I felt strong and I felt totally awesome. The stitch in my side made an appearance but it was far less "angry" than it had been previously. I was really focusing on my breathing, which may have been the reason that my run didn't seem to take very long at all, and I think that ensuring that I was breathing in a steady pattern really helped. So thank you all for your suggestions. I'm going to keep working on it.

Tomorrow is my birthday...I'm officially going to be in my "mid-to-late twenties" tomorrow...Ah well...It's also going to be the last birthday I spend over 200lbs. I baked my own cake (a low-cal "diet soda" cake) which will be topped with some fat free coolwhip and some fresh fruit. The kiddo will be so excited to have some party cake, as she calls it. I also get to relax for a little bit tomorrow and get a lovely pedicure after doing some shopping with my mom. Nothing can cure ugly winter feet faster or better than a pedicure. I'm thinking of getting an aqua blue color nail polish (aquamarine = March birthstone). Following my pedicure me, Chris and my mom are going for a late lunch . Will be nice to have a relaxing family day.

Even though it is my birthday tomorrow, I plan on working out...probably later in the evening though. I will update following that, perhaps along with a picture of my cute tootsies. Have a great evening everybody.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Procrastination Domination

Today I had to have a fairly lazy day and Chris was starting his night shifts tonight, so was sleeping all day. I pretty much lounged around watching TV, reading Cosmo and resisting the temptation to drive to 7-11 for the craving that has been occupying my my mind for far too long. All in all I did really well keeping my nose out of the cupboards and haven't eaten a single thing that's not healthy! Win for me!

This evening I had to finish a few things that I didn't get done yesterday (cleaning all 3 bathrooms, finishing the laundry and doing the last bit of laundry that was hanging around). I found it sooooo hard to get motivated after sitting around all day...and to think that lazy days were my normal...hmmm perhaps we cracked the mystery of why I ended up the way I did! It's true that a body in motion stays in motion. When I finally finished my chores I really really needed to work out but did NOT want what'd I do? I did it anyways!

I spent some time with my friend the treadmill (I need to speak with Kristin, so she can help me name my treadmill...She has a gift for naming inanimate objects!) and judging by the amount of sweat that was dripping off me I had an amazing workout. I always alternate advancing in C25K with redoing an earlier workout but increasing the intensity. Today I was back at W2D1 and increased the speed of both the walk and the run intervals as well as did it at a 1% incline. By the final run interval I was oh so ready to be done...I reasoned out in my head that I'd already hit my 300 calorie burned goal so I could slow down for the final run...then the little guy said "start running" and I increased the speed to what I had been running the whole time...I find that I can't think about it or I'll psych myself out or try to talk myself into giving myself a break because of various different reasons. I need to learn to just do it and quit my bitching!

Today marks the day of a new month, so I guess that means I should put up some goals for this month...Well ok...I'll bow to peer pressure!

1) Lose at least 8.5 lbs (this will bring me to 40lbs lost!)
2) Complete C25K program
3) Workout at least 20 days (I'm trying to have only 1 rest day/week which is on my weigh in day)

So there we have it. A new month filled with possibility! Let's show 'em how it's done!