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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Procrastination Domination

Today I had to have a fairly lazy day and Chris was starting his night shifts tonight, so was sleeping all day. I pretty much lounged around watching TV, reading Cosmo and resisting the temptation to drive to 7-11 for the craving that has been occupying my my mind for far too long. All in all I did really well keeping my nose out of the cupboards and haven't eaten a single thing that's not healthy! Win for me!

This evening I had to finish a few things that I didn't get done yesterday (cleaning all 3 bathrooms, finishing the laundry and doing the last bit of laundry that was hanging around). I found it sooooo hard to get motivated after sitting around all day...and to think that lazy days were my normal...hmmm perhaps we cracked the mystery of why I ended up the way I did! It's true that a body in motion stays in motion. When I finally finished my chores I really really needed to work out but did NOT want what'd I do? I did it anyways!

I spent some time with my friend the treadmill (I need to speak with Kristin, so she can help me name my treadmill...She has a gift for naming inanimate objects!) and judging by the amount of sweat that was dripping off me I had an amazing workout. I always alternate advancing in C25K with redoing an earlier workout but increasing the intensity. Today I was back at W2D1 and increased the speed of both the walk and the run intervals as well as did it at a 1% incline. By the final run interval I was oh so ready to be done...I reasoned out in my head that I'd already hit my 300 calorie burned goal so I could slow down for the final run...then the little guy said "start running" and I increased the speed to what I had been running the whole time...I find that I can't think about it or I'll psych myself out or try to talk myself into giving myself a break because of various different reasons. I need to learn to just do it and quit my bitching!

Today marks the day of a new month, so I guess that means I should put up some goals for this month...Well ok...I'll bow to peer pressure!

1) Lose at least 8.5 lbs (this will bring me to 40lbs lost!)
2) Complete C25K program
3) Workout at least 20 days (I'm trying to have only 1 rest day/week which is on my weigh in day)

So there we have it. A new month filled with possibility! Let's show 'em how it's done!


  1. ARRRGGHHH! I have a name! How about Trevor? Trevor the Treadmill... Has a certain je nais se quoi don't you think?
    And what a fantastic idea to do an earlier day at an higher intensity!? Wish I would have thought of that!!

    1. Haha I don't know bout that one...the doctor I work with at work is named Trevor...Hmmm

      I've been doing that for a couple weeks now...Hoping to be able to increase my speed faster (plus it burns TONS of calories!)

  2. I love your monthly goals idea. After I finish the Spring Chick Challenge, I may steal that idea from you! Muahahaha!

    Also great job sticking with your workout even though you didn't feel like it. I too have moments like that, but we always feel better when we're done, don't we?! :D

  3. "I need to learn to do it and quit my bitching!" I LOVE this quote! ha! You are awesome girl. Great job!!!

  4. Good luck with your journey. For some light relief here is a funny about procrastination