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Sunday, April 1, 2012

RFS Week 1

Week 1 was...alright. I did well when I was feeling ok! But since Friday I have been feeling like something you scrape off the bottom of your shoe with a stick. So lets look at the goals from last week shall we?

Weight Loss: 2lbs please and hank you! - Well I lost 1.1...which isn't too bad for being sidelined for half the week. Current weight 283.3lbs.

NSV: Pick up and try on my new, 3 sizes smaller jeans (eeee!)...I've been avoiding picking them up because I'm terrified they won't fit - So I did pick them up...Well Chris did...and let me just say...these were a few sizes more than 3 sizes smaller...I was wearing 26s that were so big I could pull them off EASILY without unbuttoning or unzipping them. the 20s I ordered would not even go over my hips...Soooo depressing and sad. But at least I have some jeans to slim down into...but I now still have no pants!

Nutrition: Remain under 1700 Calories all week - I tracked for 3 days and was under, didn't track for the next 2 but was for sure under, the last 2 I haven't tracked at all and because of my massive headache, have been eating whatever was easy.

Fitness: Redo Week 5 of C25K AND attempt to take Harley for a walk...He's still a baby and can't control his sniffer so a walk might take about 6 and a half years - I did W5 D1&2 but that was it.

As for the mini challenge...I tried broccolini! It's a cross between broccoli and asparagus and it is soooo yummy...I parboiled it, then tossed it in garlic oil (made with EVOO), salt, pepper and lemon juice in a saute pan. Turned out pretty good!

So all in all....I did ok but there is definitely room for improvement.

On to week 2! Here are the goals

Weight Loss: Let's go for 2lbs this week!
NSV: Get this mess of a house cleaned!
Nutrition: TRACK!! (even though I haaaaate it) and have mostly veggies at Easter dinner on Friday.
Fitness: 3 days of C25K and 2 walks with Harley

The Mini Challenge: An exercise that I don't normally do: Ever since I started the C25K program (and it's been winter) I haven't gone for a walk taking Harley for a walk will be what I will do.


  1. hey chick you NEED some jeans... reward yourself for doing such a great job and loosing so much your old jeans don't fit. :) Everyone needs at least one pair of good fitting jeans.

  2. Great job on hitting the goals. And broccolini? I need get my hands on some!

  3. Good luck with your 2nd week! Great job staying on track all week :)

    I love broccolini!

  4. Broccolini sounds delicious!! :)

    Good luck with week 2!

  5. I hope you're feeling better this week & congrats on the loss! :D I cooked broccolini for the first time this week too... Love it! Good luck with your week 2!

  6. Good for the loss. Lots of luck on week two going well for you and meeting your goals. :)

  7. Broccolini?! What the hell...

    I actually thought that was an April Fools joke at first.

  8. Broccolini! I've never even heard of that!

  9. I'm waiting on you to say April Fools Day on the broccolini??
    Great job this week! Here's to another one!

    1. Nope, not an April fools. It's really yummy. Look for it in your grocery store, I could only find it in organic.

  10. I looove broccolini, it's amazing. I use it in the place of spinach in cooked things. It can't really be eaten raw (very bitter) but yum yum sooo good cooked!