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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

RFS Week 5 Check-In

Why is it that I'm always so stinkin late doing these check ins!? Goodness me. So lets just jump right into it and look at last weeks goals and how I did!

Weight loss: To see my lowest weight again (281.1lbs) - CLOSE! I got back down to 282.0lbs. which put me at a 1.9lb loss this week! Not too shabby especially considering the week I had.
NSV: Post daily - pffft...not even close. There were days where I thought about opening the laptop but just never got around to it.
Nutrition: No junk food - I did pretty good with this. I may have had a jelly bean here and there but really, not much that was processed crap went into me.
Fitness: Be active every day, complete W1 of C25K again - This did not happen. I will get back on the exercise train...I will! I was fairly active around my house and I did do a couple workouts but not daily like I wanted to.

This weeks goals:

Weight Loss: Be in the 270's. I need to lose 2.1lbs to do it. I think I can!
NSV: Blog daily
Nutrition: Let's carry forward the no junk food
Fitness - Exercise 4 days this week

I was just super busy this week, got a lot around the house accomplished but that was really it. And I did end-up catching some sort of bug that took me off work a day early as I was just not feeling well, absolutely exhausted and really miserable. But I'm feeling back to normal now so here's hoping this week goes as planned!


  1. I hope you feel better! Good luck with your goals and have a wonderful month!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss this week! You're so close to the 270s! You can do it! Good luck on week 6! :D

  3. Good job on the loss. 270s is definitely achievable next week. You can do it!

  4. Hope you make it into the 270s this coming week! Good luck :)

  5. Hope you are nearly in the 270s well done :)

  6. You will see 281 this week. I'm sure! Good luck!