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Monday, August 13, 2012

August 12th Weigh In

This is the first weigh in since I've been back on track, counting calories, and basically being serious about weight loss again. I have felt really good this past week and cannot wait to continue on this journey.

I have had a very very busy week...ending off with a double shift at work. After being at work for 15 hours, my feet, hips, and back were crazy sore. Definitely proved to me, yet again, that I have a long way to go. Being on my feet for that long was so hard on my body. I think it would be hard on anybody's body but I could barely get in the car at the end of it! When I got home, I managed to stay awake long enough to watch 1 show with Chris, but I was asleep before my head even hit the pillow! I never sleep in my lounge clothes (sweats and a long sleeved shirt usually, I always change into shorts and a tank top because sleeping with Chris is like sleeping with a furnace!), but I fell asleep as I was and didn't wake up until morning.

Yesterday, we ended up taking the kiddo to not one, but two parks. At the first one she played on the swings for a bit then we took a little walk to the viewpoint there. I've lived in this town for over 2 years and have visited it on a regular basis for most of my life, but I'd never seen it from this vantage point. It was beautiful! It was a hot day, but absolutely gorgeous!

How lucky am I to live here?

My two loves
After this we were all pretty hot so after a quick pit stop at the candy store, we went to a different park that had a spray park that the kid could play in and a lot of shade that Chris and I could hide in. I thought for sure the kid would want to play in the water more, but she ended up wanting to play on the playground with a bunch of kids that were there. She had a blast and we spend the entire afternoon outside. Next time, I definitely need to remember my camera so I can get better quality pictures than what my cellphone takes.

Anyways, I guess I should report my weigh in rather than keeping you in suspense (or was that my plan all along?!). I weighed in yesterday at 287.3 which is a 4.5lb loss this week! 4.5 lbs in a week...I haven't done that in so very very long. I guess you all were on to something with this calorie counting business!


  1. Nice job Taryn! This is AWESOME!


  2. Great job! Keep it up and you'll be losing that weight in no time!

  3. Awesome loss, Taryn! Congrats!

  4. Great result for the week! And beautiful view in your pictures too!

  5. Taryn
    Sorry - I am just catching up on blogs! Whoohoo for your loss. I am glad you are having success with the calorie counting, even though I know it can be a pain. Are you using an online app? It definitely makes it more convenient and easier to track everything.
    Hope you have a great week - keep it up!

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