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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Got The Night Shaft

I really love my job working with the infant I work with...but the nights are killing me. I feel like complete and utter shit following them...and I have 2 this week! I worked last night and will be working again tonight. Then tomorrow I will sleep for a couple hours, get up, either go for a walk with Harley or go on the treadmill then head to the grocery store to get veggies and my new favourite salad. Then I'll come home and roast off some chicken breasts, chop them up and portion them for the week (for my salads). Then it's back to my regular 4 shifts with my oldies...and to top it off...I'm on call on Saturday and Sunday. UGH!!!! I have to remember my goals to get through this next little bit and I think writing them down will help to keep me sane and focused. So here they are for you all to see. These are my 2 main goals to achieve by December.

1) Lose 35lbs (this will allow me to call the life insurance company and tell them to start the clock to count down the 1 year until my premiums will be reduced)
2) Pay off $3000 in debt

I actually slept fairly well after night shift today. I usually am awake by 11:30-12 then will go for a nap from about 5-9:30 but today I slept until about 2:30! I'm still going to try to nap but I probably wont go until about  7 or so. At least I'll get to have dinner with Chris. Just seems with me working so much, and the way our shifts line up, we never see each other any more. Our 3 year anniversary is coming up (in exactly 4 weeks!) and I really want to do something special for us...but he's just getting off night shift and will sleep until I wake him up when I start getting ready to head to work...I know we'll do something but we will likely wait until October or so...but I'd really like to surprise him with something that day...I just don't know what yet...Suggestions welcome.

I have some good news! After 3 and a half weeks of looking at an excavator in my back yard....they finally came back and did the work they were supposed to do. It was feeling as though it was never going to happen. Am I the only one who has the thinking of "finish one project before starting another?"...apparently this contractor doesn't have that philosophy. But any ways, here are some photos of what my backyard looked like before, during and currently:
We put the shed up here to give us a little bit of privacy due to the walkway that runs along our backyard. See the rocks that the contractor used to line the property rather than paying to haul them away...Ugly right?
Yes I know it's not cool to show pictures of snow in August, but this is the only one I had showing this angle of the property...More ugly rocks that take up about 1/4 of the area of our backyard...and with a tiny backyard that's a lot
My poor backyard being dug up to fix the problem that was causing my neighbour's basement to flood
No more rocks! Looks bigger already! The shed was temporarily taken down and it will be moved to a different spot in the yard in preparation for an allen block retaining wall, a fence, and a paving stone patio
It's a hot mess right now but come next spring it'll be GORGEOUS! The fence will be right against the side walk, so our property will expand even a little more.
I absolutely cannot wait to have a space back there that is private (meaning my neighbour's disrespectful children can't use it as a playground and her dog can't use it as a toilet), pretty, relaxing and FINISHED! It'll also be nice to have a fenced area for Harley and the kiddo to play outside in without worrying about them being able to wander off. Not to mention the increase in our property value will be nice! I will definitely be getting some workouts back there because we're going to be a lot of the work ourselves. In the next week or so we're going to start digging out the muscles hurt at the thought of it already...No pain no gain!


  1. The yard project seems exciting - I love a good outdoor living space. Next year at this time, you can relax outside with a cold drink in hand! :-) Just gotta get through winter first. Ugh!

  2. I can't wait to have a place of my own, and a yard and all that jazz! lol. Looks like fun! ^_^