LilySlim Weight loss tickers

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Friday, March 29, 2013

A Healthy Desert

Today the majority of my food was fruits and veggies so I had a lot of calories left over after supper (just over 500) and I was really in the mood for something desert-y. What's a girl to do? I chopped up an apple (galas are my favorite), sprinkled it with a half teaspoon ground cinnamon, a packet of Splenda, and threw it in the microwave for 1 minute to soften the apple then topped it with 1/3 cup Special K granola and 1/3 cup fat free Cool Whip. Let me tell you, it tasted EXACTLY like apple crisp. Hot, sweet, crunchy, creamy, spicy, absolutely perfect. 278 calories of perfect and none of the butter, sugar, and flour.

I still have 2 more days until weigh day and I am absolutely THRILLED with how this week has gone. I know I've lost...and it's a significant loss. Unless I go crazy and eat a jar of salt...I'm sure to see a big drop, which will be a great motivator. I'm not disillusioning myself though. I know that the first week is always a big drop so I know that this won't be the norm, but like I said, any loss is a step in the right direction.

I must also say that my man is amazing. He is being so so so supportive. I made it very clear to him that I need his help with this. I cant have him bringing stuff I have no willpower against into the house. Tonight before work he was making his dinner and he looked at me and asked "will it be ok if I make fries?" Hahaha. He's so cute. Of course I let him. Fries aren't a huge trigger for me, because I know I can make better tasting ones in my oven if I really want to.

What are your favourite recipe makeovers?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

One Week

One week of logging calories every single day. That's a new record for me! As much as I find it a pain in the ass to do, it really keeps you accountable to what you are putting in your body. I have learned VERY quickly that the healthier you eat, the more you get to eat. In my head I always knew that, but I chose to ignore it on some level. I figured I was eating healthy, but admittedly I am a meat lover, and I NEVER had an appropriate portion of meat. However, now that I'm counting the calories in it, I see exactly why I should have been all along. Yes I may have had a small potato and a salad with my meal...but when there's 700+ calories of steak on your're not saving that meal from being calorie laden.

Now onto the numbers. In the past week my calorie counts have been between 1385-1594. I started my week out a little weird as my weigh day isn't until Monday. I'm still going to stick to the 8 day week because that's my schedule. I work 4 on 4 off and always weigh in on my first day off. That way I'm able to weigh in at the same time every "week" and provide myself somewhat of a routine. With that being said...I pretty much weigh myself every day, but only count the one on my official weigh day. It might be a bit obsessive but at this point in my journey, it's something I need to do. On my first day off last week, I weighed in at 298.0lbs. This is my starting point. My prior attempts at weight loss were not successful. This does not make me a failure, though. It makes me wiser. I've made a lot of mistakes, and I've learned from them. I've learned that I can't expect to be at my goal weight over night. I've learned that there WILL be gains, there WILL be weeks of little progress, there WILL be set backs. But there also will be weeks of tremendous success and that every pound down is a pound in the right direction, it is a pound closer to my goals, and a pound closer to new possibilities. And that's something to be proud of.

I just turned 27 a few weeks ago, and I'm done with being obese. I'm not going to spend another birthday feeling the way I do. I'm uncomfortable in my own skin, I'm embarrassed, and I just don't want to be seen. I try to hide. And I'm sick of it. I'm sick of it all. I want to be the confident person I know I am down deep inside. I don't want to be the one behind the camera. I want a piece of the spotlight. I want to get family photographs done and not feel like I'm going to be wasting money because I know I won't like how I look in them (probably the #1 reason we don't have family pictures). I'm over it all.

What has being overweight/obese held you back from doing?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Busy Days Made Better By Tea

These past couple days have been super busy for me...even though they were days off. Yesterday I decided to clean up the front of the house. I washed my car, hosed off the driveway and in front of the driveway (because I live in a part of a small town that gets neglected, so the street sweeper won't be up here for another month or so). washed all the front windows outside, hosed down the front porch and began raking the backyard. However, the backyard is still too wet to start getting it into tip-top condition yet. Today, I did laundry and cleaned the house from top to bottom, including cleaning up the spare bedroom closet that has become a dumping ground for everything that doesn't have a place. I'm going to be putting a couple things up for sale to de-clutter and I got rid of a LOT.

I like to think that I was being productive, which I was, but in reality, I was using it as a distraction. I know that counting calories is the way to make weight loss happen and that by keeping busy, you're keeping your body moving which burns calories (eat less, move more = weight loss...oh if only it was that simple!), but counting calories has me constantly thinking about food. What I want to eat, how many calories are in it, how I can save calories, what substitutes I can make....on and on and on. It kinda drives me crazy. I wish that I could instinctively KNOW what to eat and not have to worry about it...but that's what got me to this weight in the first place. So obviously that doesn't work for me.

I find nights the worst. Usually in the evening, Chris and I would hang out and watch whatever shows we've recorded with whatever snack we'd scrounge up (think high carb, salty, fatty). Now, the same routine...except the snacks. Depending on my day, I may have some calories left for a 100cal bag of popcorn or even a weight watchers ice cream, but not always. And it certainly isn't a replacement for the Doritos I so desperately want. But slowly but surely this routine will be broken. And I'm awaiting a little help. My mom went and visited David's Tea and I got her to buy me 3 different flavours and a steeper. I have Katie at to thank for this. She mentioned it on her blog a while ago and since then I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. The teas I got are red velvet cake, salted caramel and a coconut oolong. They sound like the perfect something sweet at the end of the day. And the best part is that none of their teas are more than 5 calories per cup...basically negligible as you'll probably burn more calories preparing and drinking it than what's in the cup. I absolutely can not wait to get this tea! Who would have thought that I'd be excited over something as silly as tea...I must be getting old.

I must also profess my love for Pinterest these days. Not only is it really distracting, there are a ton of amazing ideas on it! I had been craving pizza for a few days and low and behold...Pinterest came to the rescue. For lunch today I made a "pizzadilla" a quesadilla with pizza filling! 314 calories and it satisfied the pizza craving. I probably could have made it less calories because I found that there was too much cheese and a little too much sauce. But it was still AH-MAZING.

I'm going to leave this post asking a couple questions of my faithful readers...those of you that are still here anyways:

1) What is your favourite night time snack that is low in calories but will satisfy that "snacky" mood??

2) What is your favourite distraction technique??

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How Do You Spell Accountability?

Apparently...b-l-o-g. Seems like when I'm posting to my blog on a regular basis, I keep myself in check and stay on track. But then I get lazy about it and let the blog go by the wayside, exercise soon follows, then the healthy eating, and before we know it I'm back to old habits. That all changed a few days ago though. I started counting calories again. I'm on day 5 of every morsel of anything passing my lips being tracked into an app, the crankiness has passed (thank goodness, I was so grumpy that I didn't want to see or talk to anybody), and I'm starting to feel really good. I've also lost over 6 lbs in those 5 days.

Not only am I motivated, I'm determined to keep at it this time, for very specific reasons. One being that I'm in a wedding in June and that dress HAS to fit (seeing as how it's already in my closet!). I am already lighter than I was when I bought it though so that's good. I do have to get it altered as well. I'm very pear shaped. I carry most of my weight around my hips and thighs and I probably could have smuggled a watermelon in the top of that dress where the bottom fit perfectly. The wedding is June 22nd, so just under 3 months away. And I want to look good in the photos.

I've also signed up for Sparkpeople (my ID is tarynmarchi) so that I can figure out nutritional information for the dinners I cook. My last attempts at calorie counting were half hearted. If I couldn't easily figure it out (ie search for it and have everything figured out for me, or use a recipe where everything was already figured out) I wouldn't log it. Which is difficult when you're used to cooking and adding ingredients that have calories and then only taking a portion of what you made. But now I have no excuse.

I've also determined that Chris is NOT allowed to go shopping with me because he BEGS to go down the chip aisle, which for me is just much easier to avoid. He did well though...I had to pull out the puppy dog eyes and nearly break down in tears in the middle of the grocery store to not have to go down that aisle but he gave in and didn't make me. And he didn't go down the aisle and pick himself out a bag of chips either! Good boy.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm back, I'm here to stay, and I need people to call me on my bullshit when I disappear or start to justify my shitty behaviours. So...Here we go again.