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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How Do You Spell Accountability?

Apparently...b-l-o-g. Seems like when I'm posting to my blog on a regular basis, I keep myself in check and stay on track. But then I get lazy about it and let the blog go by the wayside, exercise soon follows, then the healthy eating, and before we know it I'm back to old habits. That all changed a few days ago though. I started counting calories again. I'm on day 5 of every morsel of anything passing my lips being tracked into an app, the crankiness has passed (thank goodness, I was so grumpy that I didn't want to see or talk to anybody), and I'm starting to feel really good. I've also lost over 6 lbs in those 5 days.

Not only am I motivated, I'm determined to keep at it this time, for very specific reasons. One being that I'm in a wedding in June and that dress HAS to fit (seeing as how it's already in my closet!). I am already lighter than I was when I bought it though so that's good. I do have to get it altered as well. I'm very pear shaped. I carry most of my weight around my hips and thighs and I probably could have smuggled a watermelon in the top of that dress where the bottom fit perfectly. The wedding is June 22nd, so just under 3 months away. And I want to look good in the photos.

I've also signed up for Sparkpeople (my ID is tarynmarchi) so that I can figure out nutritional information for the dinners I cook. My last attempts at calorie counting were half hearted. If I couldn't easily figure it out (ie search for it and have everything figured out for me, or use a recipe where everything was already figured out) I wouldn't log it. Which is difficult when you're used to cooking and adding ingredients that have calories and then only taking a portion of what you made. But now I have no excuse.

I've also determined that Chris is NOT allowed to go shopping with me because he BEGS to go down the chip aisle, which for me is just much easier to avoid. He did well though...I had to pull out the puppy dog eyes and nearly break down in tears in the middle of the grocery store to not have to go down that aisle but he gave in and didn't make me. And he didn't go down the aisle and pick himself out a bag of chips either! Good boy.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm back, I'm here to stay, and I need people to call me on my bullshit when I disappear or start to justify my shitty behaviours. So...Here we go again.


  1. Welcome back! And great job on that loss this week already!


  2. Nice job staying away from the chips! I'm in a wedding this year too, so I know the pressure!