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Thursday, March 28, 2013

One Week

One week of logging calories every single day. That's a new record for me! As much as I find it a pain in the ass to do, it really keeps you accountable to what you are putting in your body. I have learned VERY quickly that the healthier you eat, the more you get to eat. In my head I always knew that, but I chose to ignore it on some level. I figured I was eating healthy, but admittedly I am a meat lover, and I NEVER had an appropriate portion of meat. However, now that I'm counting the calories in it, I see exactly why I should have been all along. Yes I may have had a small potato and a salad with my meal...but when there's 700+ calories of steak on your're not saving that meal from being calorie laden.

Now onto the numbers. In the past week my calorie counts have been between 1385-1594. I started my week out a little weird as my weigh day isn't until Monday. I'm still going to stick to the 8 day week because that's my schedule. I work 4 on 4 off and always weigh in on my first day off. That way I'm able to weigh in at the same time every "week" and provide myself somewhat of a routine. With that being said...I pretty much weigh myself every day, but only count the one on my official weigh day. It might be a bit obsessive but at this point in my journey, it's something I need to do. On my first day off last week, I weighed in at 298.0lbs. This is my starting point. My prior attempts at weight loss were not successful. This does not make me a failure, though. It makes me wiser. I've made a lot of mistakes, and I've learned from them. I've learned that I can't expect to be at my goal weight over night. I've learned that there WILL be gains, there WILL be weeks of little progress, there WILL be set backs. But there also will be weeks of tremendous success and that every pound down is a pound in the right direction, it is a pound closer to my goals, and a pound closer to new possibilities. And that's something to be proud of.

I just turned 27 a few weeks ago, and I'm done with being obese. I'm not going to spend another birthday feeling the way I do. I'm uncomfortable in my own skin, I'm embarrassed, and I just don't want to be seen. I try to hide. And I'm sick of it. I'm sick of it all. I want to be the confident person I know I am down deep inside. I don't want to be the one behind the camera. I want a piece of the spotlight. I want to get family photographs done and not feel like I'm going to be wasting money because I know I won't like how I look in them (probably the #1 reason we don't have family pictures). I'm over it all.

What has being overweight/obese held you back from doing?

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