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Friday, April 12, 2013

A Very, Very Busy Day

Oh my gosh I am so tired. Today was one of my days off but I definitely did not do much relaxing.

I most definitely got a workout. Something about spring makes me want to have my house be clean and fresh and light. Well I dusted, scrubbed, vacuumed, folded, put away, sorted and mopped for the better part of the day. I definitely worked up quite a sweat (especially when vacuuming the stairs). I would have loved to have a fitbit or something of the sort to see exactly how active I was today.

There is actually still a lot to do. Our basement needs to be cleaned and organized and hopefully some shelving built. Our spare bedroom needs to be cleaned out and emptied of its contents in the event that it becomes an actual bedroom in the future. I need to get my current dining room set photographed and ads placed online so that when my new dining room set arrives we can just have it set up. We currently have 3 filing boxes that need to become 1, and don't even get me started on Chris's half of the closet. Still sooo much work to do. But I did get a large portion of it done today. And then I cooked supper!!!!

I am feeling amazing these days. I'm inching ever closer to being back at my lowest weight that I have been at, I have mor energy, counting calories is still a pain but I do it and I am making healthier choices. I may never be able to eat instinctively and I'll never be like "normal" people who don't have to be very conscious of what they eat, but this is my new normal...and it's not so bad.

We are still over 2 months out from the wedding, and I'm hoping I will be at least another 20lbs down. If that's the case we may be making an emergency run to the bridal store to reorder my dress in a smaller size. But likely it will just need to be tailored. It was going to need to be anyways.

How is your spring cleaning going? What projects do you have on the go?

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  1. I wish I was spring cleaning! not that cool, unfortunately! Can't wait for the wedding pics, you'll look great!!!