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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wishing I Had Better News

Well, we all know that silence on a weight loss blog is not a good thing. Well, in my case it's not bad, I haven't gained back any weight (ok, ok if we're being honest I weighed in today 0.2lbs above where I was last weigh in). I just really have not been feeling well at all.

I have some gastro issues and it's been really bad lately. I haven't been able to eat anything other than really really bland boring food (chicken, rice, bread, pasta, soup, etc) or I was paying the price....and on many occasion I was paying the price. It's been about 3 weeks of this. I have a doctors appointment next Tuesday to hopefully figure some things out. I've also contacted a holistic nutritionist who works with gastro issues like mine, weight loss, and hormonal imbalances (I have PCOS), among other things. Finances permitting, I will have a meeting or series of meetings with her to help me.

Looking forward to the month of June...and what a crazy month it's going to be. I'm working 6 days a week right now, we are going to be working on our yard, we have the wedding that we're both in (so there's a bunch that goes into that...appointments for hair, nails, etc and then having to actually help pull the whole thing off).

I have printed out a calendar and have committed myself to 60 minutes (at least!) of exercise per day and I am going to log my calories religiously. I started with the calories today and am right on track. I had a delicious supper of baked chicken, salad, asparagus and rice and am feeling pretty good right now...but we will see...

Worst thing ever happened yesterday. After Chris left for work at 5pm, I started cleaning the house. Ambitious I know! Anyways, I was scrubbing our bathtub when I heard a little splash and seen something dark in the tub and I realized that my fitbit had fallen out of its clip that was clipped to my bra and into the tub full of water. I fished it out right away, ran downstairs and threw it in a container full of uncooked rice and prayed for the best. It's only $100 to replace but's not like I just have hundreds of dollars laying around to spend willy nilly! I wasn't so much upset about it falling in the tub, but that it wasn't counting the activity I was doing! I clean the tub nearly first thing so it hadn't counted much at all! The GREAT news is that the rice worked and my fitbit is still good as new! Whew, dodged a bullet!

Well...On to June (and summer!) we go!

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  1. Have you tried acupuncture or nutritional response therapy? I had horrible gastro issues and started the NRT with my acupuncturist in conjunction with the needle part of it all. Went from nearly constant stomach aches to none at all in a very short time. This is a good explanation of what it is: The NRT was $35 per appointment plus supplements if you need them (which were not very expensive) -- definitely worth the cost for me. I also did the Whole30 earlier this year and all of the persistent bloating I have went away during those 30 days; my issue seems to be grains. My PCOS was a lot better during that time too as a result.

    Good luck in solving your issues! :)