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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Friday, November 8, 2013

4 Days And Still Going Strong

For the past 4 days I have been logging my food, exercising and drinking lots of water (actually almost exclusively water...the only exception being my morning cup of caffeine that saves many lives). Yes, I'm hungry as I'm still adjusting to the lower calories, yes my legs are tired as I've put on many more miles than I'm used to, but I feel amazing. I feel strong, I feel confident, I feel...peaceful. 

I've made a plan, stuck to it, and forced myself to work out when I really just wanted to nap on the couch while watching reality TV with Chris. Having a show that I'm really in to to watch while on the treadmill helps. Orange is the new black has sucked me in and I've made a deal with myself that I can only watch it while I'm on the treadmill. That helped me so this today:

I was only at half that number of steps when I got home from work this evening so I think that's pretty good.

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