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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Last night, Chris ruined my plans of going on the 'mill by spoiling me and taking me to the hot springs to relax. And in all honesty I probably needed it. I've been so focused on my diet and exercising that I haven't been taking any time to just chill. And I'm lucky to have somebody who loves me and can see that I need to stop and take a breath...and will make me do it. 

That being said, I was back at it today. Chris and I went to visit my grandparents who are babysitting my dog who lives with my parents while they're in Mexico. We took Axyl for a 30-40 minute walk, avoided the chocolate cake like the plague, then came home and I spent another hour on the treadmill after eating a healthy dinner. 

The only thing that has been bad about today, is the fact that I missed lunch because we were driving, so at 8:30pm I've eaten only about 1000 calories. I want to make sure I get about 1400...but I also don't want to eat crap just because I have the calories left. I've already had some cheese and some grapes but I have no idea what else I want to eat. If only I had this problem every day!!

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