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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Banana allergy?

I felt so much better yesterday...until after dinner that is. I was craving something sweet so, of course behaving, I grabbed a banana and within minutes I felt ill again. I knew I was going to throw up. After I got finished being sick, I started thinking and realized that I'd eaten a banana both times right before I got ill. 

I started doing some research online and found that banana allergies can appear suddenly in adults and within minutes of investing the fruit, a person with a banana allergy can develop GI symptoms and other more classic allergic responses (hives, swelling, urticaria, etc). I found this fascinating and sad because I love bananas, but feeling like that is sooooo not worth it. 

So here I am, not having eaten much of anything substantial (that has stayed down) in 2 whole days. I have a headache, I'm hungry but don't trust my stomach (the banana thing is just a theory at this point), and am exhausted from being up all night with a sore stomach. 

I hope today goes a little better.

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