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Friday, July 24, 2015

Weigh In #1 - July 24

So I've been doing better with my eating than I have in a very very long time. I've stayed (mostly) grain free. I can't say that I've been 100% grain free because I haven't. But 99% of the time I have been having nothing but protein, fruits and vegetables. Add that to the fact that I was ill for the first 2 days, I was expecting a great weigh in. So imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale a few days ago to see my weight UP! 

I panicked a little. How could that happen!? Usually in the first week of eating right and actively trying to lose weight you have a big drop because your body lets go of all the water it's holding on to. But the lovely part of being female is our monthly cycles which can actually cause us to hang on to excess water. Usually this isn't a huge problem for me because of my PCOS which causes me to have infrequent cycles. This month happened to be my lucky month and my cycle appeared this week which is likely why I saw a jump in the scale mid-week. 

After my minor freak out I still managed To keep myself on track and the scale rewarded me with a 2.6lb loss. Current weight is 310.4. 

We went grocery shopping the other day and my fridge and pantry are stocked with healthy food to keep me on track for this next week. I also plan on getting my house in order so my life doesn't feel so chaotic. I have also finally driven for the first time since my accident so I will be able to get into the gym. I plan on connecting with a trainer as I will obviously have to work around my screwed up leg.

How was your week? What goals have you set for yourself?

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  1. So proud of you! I can't imagine how challenging it is to get back to the gym after an injury like's bad enough after having a baby ;)...haha
    You've got this!!!